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You know, kids, there’s a lot to be said about making a living from art… and even more to be said about the art of living. I try my best to do both, with fluctuating success. Too often the making a living from art part supersedes the artful living part and everything comes unhinged and unbalanced. But there’s one particular blog out there that is not art related (well, not in the traditional sense although in my mind, pretty much everything is art if you look at it the right way … generally, with the head tipped to the left side, eyes squinched just so, thru a veil of dog hair) that constantly inspires me to really master that artful living thing… to make everything I do meaningful and true. It’s The Traveller’s Lunchbox.

It’s total food porn over there. Everything is completely sumptuous, incredibly photographed and wonderfully conceived. I confess that I have never tried my hand at any of the recipes so generously provided there. In truth, I’m a fair-to-middling cook and ’round here, the husband tends to do most of the daily meal preparation whilst (whilst!) I scowl into my computer monitor. But I intend too. I aspire to. I really, really want to. And I want to do it just like Melissa Kronethal, with beauty and intention and a real explorer’s spirit and only the finest ingredients.

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Posted by admin on 05/01/07 under Blogroll,photography,the art of living
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