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I haven’t really done a roundup style post before (it almost feels like cheating), but it seems like I’ve been hit from all sides today with beautiful and curious-making blog entries, so here we go:

From (via, we discover the work of Tim Knowles, who explores the imprints of motion and gives the power of painting to the trees. The tree in the photograph seems to reach toward the easel with a delicate hand. The result is ephemeral and stunning.


From ApartmentTherapy comes some amazing plasma cut pieces from Cal Lane. I am absolutely obsessed with the trend of silhouettes and baroque shapes that’s been around a few years – and these work tools formed into steel lacework sum it up for me. It’s the decadence of removing the utility from useful items.


(Given that I just spent all morning sifting through thousands of doily patterns left forgotten in the back of a closet, maybe it makes sense that I’m all about the metal doilies today). Gallery Page and Strange is showing Cal Lane’s works at Booth M-402 at the Affordable Art Fair in NYC this weekend.

Last up on the roundup of blogs is a grateful bow to the fine folks over at Rag & Bone bindery, whose blog is a daily inspiration and has introduced me to some amazing artists, while helping broaden my definition of “illustration.” Today’s hit (back on the theme of silhouettes) is Virginia Rose Kane, who uses collage, illustration, and paper-cutting techniques to create intricate paper stories.


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Posted by Thomas James on 06/14/07 under artists,materials,technique
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  • Randel

    thanks for the links


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