Gale Kaseguma is Kidmodern

Nighttime City by Gale Kaseguma

Gale Kaseguma is one of those artists whose website I’ve had in my bookmarks for ages, and I kinda forgot about, until today when I received an email from her mailing list announcing updates to her site, It’s clean and pretty, easy to navigate, and full of colorful happy art intended for children. Gale’s art could easily have jumped off the pages of a picture book, but her specialty is interior decoration. A lot falls under that pink umbrella: interiors for big wigs such as Spike Lee, Wesley Snipes, The American Crafts Museum and Universal Studios. Surface graphics on fabrics used for baby blankets. Greeting cards and gift bags. And this entire collection was born when Gale did a painting for her own newborn baby, 7 years ago.

Gumball Tree

About her technique:

“When beginning a piece, I don’t always have an end in mind. I let the materials lead the way.

Over time, I have developed a technique of collaging tissue paper with many layers of paint, translucent glazes, and wax. I build up areas of color, texture, and overlays of cut paper shapes. I look for a rhythm and a conversation between the colors and the patterns, the background and the foreground. At times, paintings are transformed from one idea into something very different. A painting is complete when I create an image that feels fresh and unique and it surprises me.”


Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


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Posted by admin on 07/19/07 under artists,technique
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