fancy schmancy give away!


Hi guys!

So we were totally chuffed when MOO contacted us with an offer we couldn’t refuse – a bimonthly giveaway for IF artists for a free (FREE!) promotional pack of MOO cards, stickers and postcards – with your illustrations! Thanks Moo!

So all you have to do, dear IF blog reader people, is leave a comment on this here blog entry (make sure you fill out the email box). Then we’ll pick we’ll pick one person at random to receive the MOO love…

Edited to add: MOO is also looking for artists for their line of designer products. Each artist gets 10% of the sales of products with their work on ‘em – a great way to get your name out there. You can find out more at MOO.

Let the games begin! (or something) :)

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Posted by admin on 01/18/08 under giveaway,MOO
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  • Ana Aceves

    Please please! I’d love to get some of these! :-)


  • Alex Dukal

    Moo for the first one! LOL
    Moo is nice. Moo is cool ;-)

  • Crystal

    Roses are red,
    Violet are Blue,
    Since I’m posting the 1st comment,
    I just say, “woo hoo!”

  • natascha

    WoW!!! What a gift! I can’t refuse to play!!

  • Allison Sommers

    Oh, I would be so very happy to have some more Moo!! Thanks, IF & Moo, for the chance!

  • Amanda Kindregan

    I want some MOO love!

  • Ann

    Love IF, love this opportunity! *fingers crossed*

  • tararossstudios

    I’d love to spread the love,,,, I love Moo products. Yes! Yes!

  • erin

    yes, moo, please!

  • Laura Bray

    Wowza! What a prize! Love all the Moo goodies!

  • Bill Porter

    I like cool prizes, count me in.

  • raquel

    I want them too!!!!!

  • sketched out

    This is all moo to me, but I love free stuff, especially if it’s purdy!

    Count me in!

  • Diana Evans

    Oh how cool….what a great offer for illustrators!!! I heard of Moo through facebook and the cards look so cool….

    Great stuff …


  • jo

    It’s Moo to me too, but looks amazing.

  • stu gray

    these look great! I’m in too! – peace! stu

  • Mike

    Fantastic idea and offer for fellow illustrators. Thanks!

  • Susan Mitchell

    What a great idea :)

  • Lotta B

    Mmmm…MOO :)

  • Blake C Himsl Hunter

    cool news! I have had some work printed from MOO in the past and they always turn out great!

  • Monica Carnesi

    Oh, that would be lovely! Thanks for the chance to play!

  • mr. blanc

    moo is my most favorite thing since i learned how to dance.

  • helenjane

    I *love* surprise chances to win! Good luck to everyone!

  • ejjjik

    me, me, me :-)

  • Patti Phare-Camp

    MEEEE…me…me pick me! –Patti–

    Love Illustration Friday!

  • Cyndy Patrick

    Perfect timing; new year, new promotions. Please add my name to the pile.

  • Regina


  • Kate

    Awesome. Add me to the list. Thanks

  • ethan

    Oh man. Awesome. I would definitely like some of those for promotional use.

  • rebecca

    moo! moo!

  • Andrea

    I love MOO! Count me in!

  • Brittney

    Hooray! I’m in.

  • HOLLi


  • Adolfo

    I want my baby back baby back baby back MOO ribs!

  • Lesley

    I *heart* MOO! How fabulous. I would like some stickers and postcards, please and thank you!

  • Linda Hagberg

    I would love to win the Moo – loot!

  • Zime

    Iâ??d love to get some of these!
    Bravo Moo!!!!

  • miriam

    I love MOO stuff! I hope I win….I would love a pack of MOO fun!

  • Sarah Pirt

    That would be awesome!!! :) Good luck guys!!!

  • Fannie Narte

    What a generous offering. Thanks, MOO! Thanks, IF!

  • georgina

    love MOO!!! great idea!!!! :)

  • Tim

    Interesting. A drawing on IF.

  • Barbara Hagerty

    please, please, please, please, please. . .easy to pick me at random, I can be VERY random. . . please?!?!???

  • Donna

    Who doesn’t love Moo? I have my fingers crossed.

  • claude

    yes! moo for me, too!
    and: yeah for ifri! :-)

  • Liz

    Moo! Moo! I am such a paper junkie, how can I resist?

  • Tami

    Oooh, free Moo?! Wow, that’s a great offer. Thanks IF and Moo.

  • zooms

    How refreshing,
    a giving,
    creative company,
    thank you
    to MOO
    for this

  • Tess

    wow!, that’s the neatest contest I’ve come agross yet.

  • LudaChristian

    Hook me up!!

  • stacy kathryn

    Totally awesome, I love MOO!!

  • Aaron Blakeley

    I would love to have some postcards thank you!

  • Perriette

    I’m most interested in seeing what Moo is like. Please sign me up. Thanks!

  • Stacey

    That’s so nice of them/you. I have been looking speculatively at these Moo cards for awhile. They seem really well-done and fun.

  • Kristin Peterson

    Ok, Iâ??m sort of shooting in the dark and slow on the uptake, but MOO sounds cool and for a gal who loves her cows, then I should really like MOO right?

    It the fancy give-away is postcards â?? whee â?? I love postcards, send them out all the time.

  • DangerPup


  • Detlef

    Show me the Mo(o)ney, Show me the Mo(o)ney, Show me the Mo(o)ney!

  • Lee

    Moo cards are so fun! This postcard idea is great. Count this as an entry please.

  • Cat

    I am soooo MOOved! I hope I win! Thanks, Moo!

  • Traci Bixby

    Such fun!

  • esque

    Moo moo me too!

  • Dan

    MOO MOO MOO!!!

  • neko


    OH YES
    YES !!!!!


  • lonedragonfli

    This contest is simply MOOvelous! The cards look totally cute happy fun- yay! I love the bright simple pop out-ness of them. I think I’ll start training in the long lost art of the moo just to get ready. Good luck to everyone! Fun! =D

  • Marion

    All I can say in a random way:

  • Kathy

    I’m in!

  • Kate

    How fantastic. Thank you MOO! Count me in…

  • valgalart

    I would love some Moo Love! :P

  • Janay

    I would love some too!
    Thank you moo!

  • Cari Williams


  • Suzanne Deal-Fitzgerald

    I’d be FOO-lish not to get in on this MOOvelous chance to win.

  • Jenna Z

    Oooh, thanks for the chance to win!

  • Janet O’Connor

    Please consider me in this great opportunity for fun.

  • ren

    Given how my week went, this would be a very nice thing to happen to me. If it doesn’t, it won’t be the worst. LOL!

  • Laura Zarrin

    Count me in!

  • Tina Rothwell

    MOOOOO, I want some I’m such a WOW COW!

  • Scott Woodard

    Please put my name in the hat! How fun! I’ll trade you some Bluebell Moo Bars I have in the freezer!

  • tesha

    mmmooooooo for mmeeeeeee!

  • Sandy

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick meeeeeeee!
    (you know you wantttt toooo)

  • MiJa

    Very cool! Love that Moo and IF collab together!

  • Carolyn M

    Would love to win this!!! Moo hoo!!! LOL


  • Sounds wonderful

    Sounds great!

  • Esmeralda S.

    Moo-Wow! =^..^=

  • paintergirl

    I love this stuff! I would never turn down a package from Moo.

  • Cristi C

    Another reason to look forward to Fridays!! Nice!

  • Maralena Howard

    What a great prize.
    I have had my eye on the MOO products for sometime now.
    I think they are a wonderful way for artists to flaunt their arty goodness to the masses!
    Please enter me.


  • Tracy

    Wow! What a super give-away! Nice one IF. Oh sweet MOO cards! Count me in :)

  • leontine

    ooh ooh pick me!

  • Jenn

    yay for moo!

  • Michael Smetham


  • Ali J

    I couldn’t think of a better competition! I’ve always wanted to see my illustrations on MOO cards!

  • michelle

    wow! I have been wanting to get some moo cards for a while! They look great!

  • Tracy

    Oooh, count me in to win the prize! :)

  • Paula Scott

    PIck moo! PIck moo!
    I love Moo cardz, yez I do!
    Be even happier if I win some too!

  • Redheaded Stepchild

    Count me in for a chance to win the moo!

  • bonnie

    Moooo…super sweet…pick moooe

  • Sandra MacMillan

    Sounds great! Good luck to me. It is my birthday this week.

  • Brianna

    Ha! Sandra pulls out the big guns with the birthday!! You guys are awesome. Just so you know, the winner will be chosen at random using – because IF is about creating, not about competition. Bela Bartok said it best – competitions are for horses, not artists. :) We are super excited to be able to offer sweet promotional tools for IF artists – and when I was unpacking the artwork for the IF show at Open, a good 40% included MOO cards, so we just knew it’d be a hit. Thanks MOO!

  • Kelly

    Count me in!

  • Majeak Ann

    Love moo. I am in :)
    Thanks! â?¥

  • april

    Moo me! :)

  • marta

    mooo…;-). how could it be possible to win something just once in a lifetime?;-) i am mooing and miouing..Thank You and… apology for not being a cow actually ;-)))

  • Ratlion

    Cool! Count me in for the draw!!

  • Chocolate and Steel

    I love the idea of Moo cards. I just have never actually done it.

  • mishka

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooh me too! :)

  • *daisy

    whoo-hoo stickers! : D

  • Xpectro

    Por favor… me escogen? ;-) Well… maybe the spanish part could give a few extra points… ;-)

    Let’s see…!

  • mook

    holy moly i sure am liking that moo goodness :)

  • carlydraws

    ooh, sounds good! :-)

  • Mischa

    Fun! Is eggs!

  • Paola

    LOve have one…lucky came!!!!

  • Tim Y

    More milk please. Pretty please! Thank you.

  • Van

    Wow! What an awesome idea! I love it!

    Happy MooOooOo-ing to all!

  • Steve

    Thanks Moo and IF!! best of luck all!

  • Valerie Parizeault

    Yay! I want the moo goodness too :) Best luck to all!

  • Bobbie

    For moo, too, yes, yes, yes!

  • Christiane

    Yay, free stuff! Count me in please :o)

  • french toast girl

    MOOOOOO! ♥

  • Britta

    ooooh! i love those moo cards! and i love IF!

  • Anette Heiberg

    This is great! I would love some moo cards and stickers!

  • liat

    hey, looks great! i would love to have moo cards and stickers

  • ksklein

    moo cards are great, you can never get enough of them.

  • Magic Penny

    A vegan “moo!” for “yes, please!”

  • wee ellen

    Oooooh, Ooooo, me too, Moo! I just love the work you do!

  • paola

    Moo rocks!
    I’d love it!
    Great idea, thank you :)

  • H

    it’s snowing in atlanta! moooooo!

  • Hanna

    ooh ooh, pick me!

  • GumballGrenade

    I love MOO cards! I’m a MOO pusher!

  • Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli

    I love MOO too.

  • elBarbon!

    I want some MOO love!

  • Abigail

    Ooh, those look nifty.

  • Nicholas Frota

    count me in! moo is kinda expensive, but a great product.

  • Larry

    Crossing fingers

  • Kate D.

    I love MOO.

  • Cherry

    In it to win it!

  • Andi Butler

    Good luck everyone, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the bovine glory!

    a : )

  • daniela june

    oh i would love to see my digital collages on a moo product, please – pick me?! pretty please?! xoxo

  • Chris


  • Alease

    MOO me in. I love these cute cards. I hope I am one of the lucky winners.

  • Nicole Wichman

    Moo Too!

  • ming

    yes please!

  • Kathleen

    Go Moo! And Illustration Friday!

  • sarah laws

    yay! i love the moo cards and would love to win a free set!! :) thanks!

  • john


  • Agnieszka

    I love it mooooo:))))

  • Edyta

    I would love to join MOO:)Please

  • Deb

    Illustration Friday gets me MOOving in endless creative directions. Thank you.

  • Lisa

    I would love that!! (drooling all over my keyboard)

  • le meli melo de val

    I am in too.

  • wendy

    *crossing my fingers for a moo pack*

  • Jen Skelley

    What a great idea!

  • Veronicah

    What a great idea – thanks Moo!

  • Sparky Firepants


    Count me in, please. Great idea, thanks!

  • poghork

    Me, me, me, please.

  • rebecca

    I think I may be too late, but just incase, here I am :)

  • evelina

    Am I too late? Am I in?
    Great idea!

  • Rajninger Dalibor

    thanks, i am in

  • tekentijger

    Count me in please..

  • Colurz

    Oh please! Have mercy!

  • Tali

    moo are nice! :D

  • Kate – Painted Tree Designs

    Moo makes me happy… please make me even happier !

    Thanks for putting this out there.

  • Rachelle Anne Miller

    Moo please!

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