IF CHALLENGE: All-Time Favorite Art

Hey punks,

It just occurred to me that we share our favorite websites and artists of the moment but we rarely talk about our favorite individual works of art. I’m curious. If anyone else wants to post their all-time favorite paintings et cetera and reasons why they love’m so much, I hope you will.

Here’s one of mine:

A History of America by R. Crumb

You can click the picture for a more legible view. The piece speaks for itself but I love it especially because it illustrates a daydream that I have when I am especially calm.

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Posted by admin on 01/02/08 under celebrate

  • steve

    Great idea Rama! Hey, I love this one too btw and was real fortunate to have seen it at the last Carnegie International exhibit in Pittsburgh. I was blown away by this at the time, seeing it in person. It gave me a new respect for Crumb’s work. Also, I just purchased a book, “The Softer Side of R. Crumb”, which has lots of great portraits, in his classic, detailed style.

  • http://www.ramahughes.com rama

    i first saw it on the wall in a burrito shop in portland. it brought tears to my eyes honestly. i have to check out the sweeter side of r. crumb. i’ve seen it but haven’t studied it yet.

    but, seriously steve, what’s your favorite?

  • http://www.lampstandcreative.com Aaron Blakeley

    I don’t know if I have a favorite piece there are so many and I have looked at so many but one that litterly stopped me in my tracks was a sculpture and the artist escapes me now. It was an exclamation point where the dot was a granite sphere and the floating line was like a granite tear drop with the skinny side pointing down, it was suspended by titanium wires and from a very short distance appeared to be floating. It was kind of intimidating meeting punctuation like that.

  • http://penelopeillustration.com/blog/ penelope

    hee. You called us punks. :)

  • http://goflyingturtle.blogspot.com Steve

    That’s a tough question Rama. I’d have to go with “Travellers Among Mountains and Streams” by Fan K’uan. I even did my own version of it earlier last Spring for an Illo Friday prompt. However, I’m always discovering new art (and older work).
    One example is the work and paintings of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, whose work I don’t think I’ve seen before (though the artwork on Public Image Ltds “Happy” album might very well be his). I discovered him a couple of weeks ago when I picked up a new hardbound Taschen book about the man and his art. His stuff was totally counter to the trends at the time (50′s and 60′s) and he was light years ahead of most people regarding his views on conservation and environmentalism. Just amazing stuff!

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