Moo Giveaway!


Just like last time, we’re giving away a free MOO pack. All you gotta do now is leave a comment. (We’re gonna have to start mixing it up… this is way too easy!)

Let’s hear it for more MOO!

p.s. Comments will be closed Monday. So do it now! :)

* * * * *

Added: Comments are now closed. A winner will be announced in a bit.


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Posted by admin on 02/01/08 under giveaway
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  • Traci Bixby

    Yea, Moo!

  • Aaron Blakeley

    I would love to have a moo pack and FIRST!

  • Ben Powis

    Moooo my god yes! :)

  • Allison Sommers

    I would love to have a Moo pack! Thanks, IF & Moo!

  • Majeak Ann

    me, me, mee! moo, moo, moo! hehehe. thanks.

  • jennifer

    Go Moo! I would love to receive moo!

  • mr. blanc

    my fingers are crossed. i need some more moo please!

  • Lotta B

    Moo? MOO! :D

  • heather

    we love you moo oh yes we do!

  • liz

    Like, totally moo-licious!

  • Jenn

    more moo please!

  • Lesha

    Moo-ve over! ;)

  • TC

    There are cows in Berkeley? moooo

  • Rena

    Please moo me too!

  • ren

    I would love! just LOVE and moo pack of my own….

  • Jennifer

    Moooooo… yay!

  • S Suzuki


  • Ann

    Moo, please.

  • Tracey

    A MOO pack would be moorvelous!

  • ree

    i would that i could moo as soulfully as you

  • Brittney

    Yay for Moo! I’d love some.

  • lucy claydon

    I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! I love moo! OH YES I DO!

  • Shiho

    Moo would be fabulous! I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while, now you got me out here!

  • brazzalle

    moo, please.

  • Kasie@~The Art of Life~

    Oooooh! Ooooooh!
    Would love me some Moo! :)

  • Julia Back

    All I gotta do now is leave a comment? :D

  • MiJa


  • Dyah

    Moo for Moi, please..:)

  • francisca

    i’d love some moo :)

  • HOLLi

    moo me!

  • Anette Heiberg


  • Michelle Henninger

    Moo, moo, mooooo, la la la, moo, dee moo, moo, moo.

    Oh, and of course MOOOOOOO!

  • http://idlethoughtsofanidlewoman dinahmow

    My friends have moo
    I want some too!

  • Jenn Shock

    Moooove over people and let a newbie get some Moo cards :)

  • C


  • katie cowden

    woo moo!

  • paintergirl

    Please may I have a MOO package.

  • Renee

    send some moo my way!

  • AnnieB

    love MOO!

  • Michelle


  • Jen Skelley

    Moo Moo Moo

  • maura

    wow – what a cool give-away!
    my husband ordered some postcards mad by Moo recently. they turned out really nice! what a great company. it’s really cool to see how much they’ve grown in such a short amount of time. YAY MOO! we heart you!

  • leticia


  • Nathan

    Moo me, Moo me, Moo me :D

  • Detlef

    Ooh la la

  • ejjjik

    my comment

  • Anastasia

    moooooo please!! i love Moo products – just love them!
    i also love Illustration friday…hehee

  • Michelle

    Mix it up! Challenge is fun! Ah, sort of. Oh, and my token cud-chewing “moo”… I love Moo!

  • Kathleen

    This is such a great idea!

  • patty

    Make mine moooooooo.

  • Meg

    Can I get a “MOO-MOOO”!!??

    :D Lol, mooray for MOO!

  • Beth L

    Moo for moi? Woo hoo moo…!

  • Pola

    Mooma Mia, what idea!

  • ming

    more moo!

  • karishma

    More MOO for me, please!

  • jos

    …and the other guy says “MOO, MOO, big fella.”

    Ha, ha! I love that joke and I love MOO. MOO me, big fella/ma’am!

  • mandakini

    i love MOO too !!! Woo me with MOO!!! and this is a great idea!

  • Ellis Elkins

    Moo butta’

  • laura

    me 57!

  • Jesiey

    Yay for the MOO!

  • Keiko


  • ori toor



  • elBarbon!


  • Christopher

    first post must be lucky moo

  • Suzanne Urban

    Your offer is very moooving! I appreciate your kind gesture, and
    also hope I win!

  • donna

    moo :-)

  • sarah laws

    i love moo!!!!!

  • Amy F

    yes, moo!

  • Nick Bottomley

    Ahh, the perfect print gift. Moo adheres to my heart.

  • Stephanie

    How fun! count me in!
    er, I mean, “mooooooooo!”

  • le meli melo de val

    I will be delighted to get a MOO pack.

  • Aspa

    Moooooo cards…. love them!

  • Marie

    Wow ! I have never seen so many comments !
    We all need more MOO in our lives though – so I guess that helps!
    Happy weekend !

  • mleak

    Oh! Is there still time to moo?

  • marti

    yeah for moo!

  • Noah M

    Count Moo in! Oops, I mean count ME in!

  • Josh Peters

    I’ll gladly do what I have to do,
    To get myself some kick ass Moo.
    I’d surely sit upon the loo,
    and fill that thing with stinky poo.
    I’d reflect upon the things I drew,
    or fill a glass with morning dew.
    I’d hop around in just one shoe,
    or paint my house in cobalt blue.
    I’d hang around an undesirable crew,
    and find a dinosaur bone to chew.
    I’d break myself a mug to glue,
    and look straight up the chimney flew.
    Those just a few things I’d do…
    To score myself some lovely Moo.
    Thank you!

  • Valerie Parizeault

    moo cards for me too please :)

  • Damien

    commenty commenty comment

  • Meg

    moo please!! YEY!

  • Nez


  • deb


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