MOO Haiku!


This week for MOO cards,
leave a poetic comment
in haiku form

Three lines, and no more
than seventeen syllables
or something like that.

(we’re not picky with words here at IF)

It’s that time again! This week’s MOO giveaway for IF artists has a poetic twist – we’re giving away a free (FREE!) promotional pack of MOO cards, stickers and postcards with your illustrations, and all you gotta do is leave a comment in haiku form.

(For sake of the game, a haiku is a short poem of seventeen syllables or less, three lines total. That’s as strict as we’ll get about form – have fun with it!)

So leave a comment on this here blog entry (make sure you fill out the email box). Then we’ll pick we’ll pick one person at random to receive the MOO love…


MOO is looking for artists for their line of designer products. Each artist gets 10% of the sales of products with their work on ‘em – a great way to get your name out there. You can find out more at MOO.

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Posted by admin on 02/29/08 under giveaway,MOO
No Comments

  • Traci Bixby

    The cow says moo moo
    I heard it from a far
    There he goes again

    Okay so it’s not exact but I tried. :o)

  • Christine Kibler

    I would like MOO cards
    or stickers would be cool too,
    what a fun contest.

  • Nez

    We love to see Moo
    beautifully designed
    Happy Leap Day Moo!

  • catalina

    Lovely cards flying
    making people dream
    give them to me please!

  • Diana Evans

    he tried to leap
    but missed the fence
    now he is on d ‘fence



  • minkee

    Her shrinking footsteps
    Are masked by the falling snow;
    And me without cards…


  • lauren

    Hooray for naptime
    that wonderful time of day
    when I read your blog.

  • Ann

    It’s nearly spring here
    Outside the sun is shining
    Moo cards make my day

  • Elisa

    Little mini cards
    satin finish
    wonderful moos

  • Suzy

    no more lazy days
    my hand scribbles with delight
    what is the topic?

    That was fun!

  • Kate

    I’d rather be
    a cow than a ewe
    if I could, I surely would–MOOOOOOO!

  • Barbara Hagerty

    I really want Moo
    Wishing alone won’t get Moo
    Please just draw my name

  • slauz

    Je veux un moo-kit
    pourquoi en francais
    et puis, pourquoi pas

    Translation: I want a moo-kit, why in french, and so, why not!
    Note: I posted two others comments earlier but they don’t appear… I just want my chance me too, thanks!

  • mr. blanc

    i have use for moo
    it makes me very happy
    please give me some moo

  • Michelle Henninger

    I’d love some moo cards
    I never win anything
    Moo cards would be cool.

  • Ratlion

    Thinking and scribbling,
    trying to write haiku.
    I’d sure like some MOO.

  • Stephanie

    tiny colored cards
    and bright stickers sprouting forth
    like leaves of wonder

  • ejjjik

    it’s spring
    i can feel it
    i’m barefoot

  • debbie Hill

    haikus are quite easy
    but they don’t always make sense

  • Nick

    Three plum trees blossom
    I caught them with my camera
    Hope they make good cards

  • Steve

    see the cattle fly
    through a moonlit sky above
    give steve some moo love

  • Jenn

    candy in my belly
    but no moo in my hands
    it’s a conundrum.

  • Michelle

    Steel and ink to paper
    Words and images

  • jim doran

    Moo Shoe Two Through You
    Blue Who True Do Loo Too Zoo
    Clue Woo Flew Koo-Koo

    (weâ??re not picky with words here at IF)

  • Hanna

    Moo Cards are pretty
    I am pretty also
    It’s a perfect match

  • Design for Mankind

    ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY– wanted to send a HUGE congrats to your feature in the latest Artful Blogging issue— you must be THRILLED!

    VERY well deserved. Congrats to you! :)

  • Alice

    Oranges float you know
    It’s because the skin acts
    Like a life jacket

  • Gavin

    moo moo moo moo moo
    moo moo moo meeow moo moo
    my cat can speak cow

  • rebecca

    crazy porcupine pattern
    full of twists and twines
    beware of the spines

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