Your art for sale at MOO

Did you know you can sell ready made designs of your work through MOO? Here’s what they tell us about how to get started:

“Right now at MOO, we’re starting to get ready for the Holidays, so we’re on the lookout for new MOO Designers who have beautiful designs and illustrations for the season.  We’re looking for artwork that would look great on MOO Greeting Cards and would make fantastic Christmas, Chanukah, Winter, New Years and Season’s Greeting cards.

We are looking at all types of content;
- traditional illustration and design
- modern/quirky illustration and design
- humourous
- text based
- photography

We don’t need exclusive rights to the work, so you can continue to use these images anywhere else you like, and of course you’ll get a percentage of every pack of cards that we sell, that feature your designs.  (This is usually the biggest time of sales, which makes it a great time for you to start selling your designs with us!)

If you are interested in becoming a MOO Designer and have work that you think MOO customers would like to buy, please submit a link to your work to us!”

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Posted by admin on 09/30/08 under artists,design,MOO

  • Eva-lena Rehnmark

    SO… They sell your work and what do you gain?
    I’m just wondering if this is another way for a company to use artwork-illustrations for free.

  • admin

    You get a percentage of the sales featuring your work, I probably should highlight that better in the entry.

  • Theazy

    You get a percentage of the sale (as previously mentioned) and exposure from (what I believe to be) one of the coolest printing companies around! : )

  • lauren

    I am looking for a recent post that mentioned a sale on Moo postcard this month. Does any one know about the sale? or what the code was for the discount?

  • yun yun
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