Late to the Dashboard Party


…but better than never.

If you’re using a Mac, you might like the quick and simple Illustration Friday Dashboard Widget the folks over at Labs whipped up as a bit of fun for IF’ers.

The Illustration Friday widget will keep you posted on each week’s exhibition, showing the 30 most recent entries hot off the IFri presses, with links to each author’s own post of their image, and of course ways to click on to the main IFri site.

You can grab the Mac-only widget right here. (We’ll do versions for iGoogle and possibly for Vista, should demand arise.)

To install the Illustration Friday Mac Dashboard Widget:

  1. Download the zipped widget file: (252KB)
  2. Double-click the file saved on your computer (if you’re using Safari, step #2 may be done for you automatically)
  3. Double-click the “Illustration Friday” dashboard widget icon that is expanded from the zip file to install it in your dashboard.

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Posted by admin on 02/04/09 under IF news update,illustrationfriday

  • melanie ford wilson

    wow! coolness!

  • Erika Harm

    Downloaded and installed it. It’s a fancy gadget. :D

  • sam

    nice. its always good to see new art as often as possible!

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