Comic-Con vs. Comic-Clone, Part V

If I were at Comic-Con this Saturday, this is the panel that I would attend:

Quick Draw! Saturday, July 25th, 11:15-12:30 — We say it each and every year, but it’s true: Quick Draw is the most fun panel you can visit at Comic-Con. Mark Evanier puts Sergio Aragonés, Scott Shaw!, and this year’s guest artist, Disney Legend Floyd Norman, through their paces as they draw on the big screen. If you haven’t seen this amazing display of cartooning magic, this is the year for you: join the fun! Room 6BCF

Of course, you don’t need a comic convention or even celebrity artists to play Quick Draw. Just gather some friends and compete with pens and paper to do the fastest, most clever drawings. It’s like Mental Floss for your drawing hand.

Comic-Con always generates some concomitant events too. HBO, for example. invited us all to attend their happy hours at Rock Bottom and Prohibition from 7:00-9:00 on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow’s festivity promises Comic-Con giveaways and a “special reveal” regarding their vampiric series, True Blood. Let us know how it goes if you make it!


Since Christine and I couldn’t be there, we retreated to our home theatre for a Comic-Clone screening of True Blood season 1 on DVD.


Alan Ball’s True Blood series works well for television, as it has enough sensationalism to tantalize and enough story girth to make the viewer care about the characters. That one can finally invest emotion into monsters, including an undead Civil War victim, a transformer who can shapeshift into various animals, and a female mind reader, speaks volumes about America’s willingness to accept fantasy. Of course, television has always produced good fantasy shows (I Dream of Jeannie), but True Blood’s Southern Goth brand of fun horror is more macabre and more perverse, not to mention gorier, than most shows of its kind to date. Adapted from Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, True Blood thrills because of its equal blend in each episode of erotica, humor, tragedy, mystery, and fantasy.

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