Same, Same But Different – A Giveaway!

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The Giveaway winner is CAROL! Thank you for all your comments. Congrats, Carol!

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Same, Same But Different is the new book out by children’s author/illustrator Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw (you can read her 2008 IF interview here!). The story is about Elliot who lives in America and Kailash who lives in India. They are penpals and by exchanging letters and pictures, they learn they both love to climb trees, have pets, and go to school. Their worlds might look different, but they are quite similar. Same, same. But different! The story is really fun and the artwork will really amaze you (and your kids!)… there’s so much to look at!

And, because I always like to see artists at work… you should definitely check out this blog post by Jenny Sue about her process!

You can order the book at your local independent bookstore, check it out from the library, or pick it up from Amazon.

A tiny tad more about the author: Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw is the author and illustrator of My Travelin’ Eye. She is a freelance illustrator who studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and The Illustration Academy. When she isn’t traveling around the world, Jenny plays and paints on a homestead in the mountains of Northern New Mexico with her family.

Now for the giveaway part!:

 Jenny Sue has graciously donated a signed copy of Same, Same But Different to one lucky IF reader! Keep it for yourself, share it with your kids, or give it away as a holiday gift! Please leave a comment below to enter.

 Winner will be announced Tuesday November 29!

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Posted by admin on 11/22/11 under giveaway
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  • ruth

    Great storyline! Beautifully illustrated! This would make a wonderful addition to my son’s library.

  • Clara

    Great work! If I had one in my shelf it’d be my lifetime treasure :)

  • alexx boisjoli

    What a beautiful looking book!

  • melinda

    I was lucky enough to visit Jenny’s studio a couple years ago – a lovely inspiring creative place, including the home-brewed chai and an AMAZING garden. Love her work. :)

  • Tina Kugler

    What a great concept, and gorgeous illustrations too! Love the texture on that elephant.

  • Heather Nelson

    Wonderful illustrations! I hope I win!!

  • Jacqueline

    I’d love to win a signed copy of this book. Jenny’s illustrations are so beautiful and the concept is great.

  • Carrie

    I love all the textures. This would make a great gift for my daughters.

  • Jodi

    This book looks amazing. Also love the story of how it came to be over at Jenny Sue’s blog.

  • Camz

    Wow, I’d love to have one! I’m sure my little cousins would have a great time reading the book. It looks really fun!

  • Sandy

    I would love that for myself and my kids.

  • John Cooper

    The book looks fantastic and I love the concept. Having visited India and China doing community festivals, I can attest that the kids are very different to home, but also, very much the same. In fact, more same, same than different!

  • elena

    I love Jenny’s work very very much and will be extremely happy to have a signed copy of this wonderful book! :)

  • Val Myburgh

    Your work is truly inspirational Jenny. Thank you!

  • Sara

    What a beautiful book! I’d love to win a copy ~ Sara

  • Åsa

    what a lovely book! It reminds me of my penfriend, who I exchanged letters with all those years ago. I knew her first name, but I could never really work out her last name in her scribbly writing. We grew up and writing letters became a thing of the past, and after moving house and country, her letters got lost and so did her scribbly writing of her last name and address. How I would like to find her again and how I would treasure those letter if I could do it again. But without a last name or address not even facebook can help you. So Miriam from Dresden, if you can hear me, please write to me again. Åsa

  • patricia

    It´s beautiful! Love it, would like to have one. Maybe I get lucky.

  • Anthony

    Regardless of wishing to win it here, I might need to see if I can track it down for others as well. This needs to be shared.

  • Moira Swiatkowski

    This looks like a beautiful book.

  • Ann

    Your colorful, thoughtful book brings back many memories. We lived in India and the book captures the vivid colors which are so much a part of daily life there. On her 18th birthday our daughter went to school on an elephant! She is now a second grade teacher in New Orleans. I will make sure she gets this book for her class to enjoy and so she can teach children how to make connections while reading.

  • Angie B

    The book looks really great. I would love to share it with my nephew.

  • Kim R

    I love the concept of the story. Wonderful illustrations!

  • ania

    love it! great idea for a book! i would love it for my daughter :)

  • Lorinda

    Such a beautiful book! I would love to share it with my nieces and nephew.

  • Kurt Whitner

    I’m sure kids would love to read that book because the illustrations are very attractive!

  • Catarina Oliveira

    Oh so beautiful, I want one!

  • sara shinbach

    Marvelous concept. Beautiful elephant. Grandson would be totally engrossed. Grandma too.

  • Fabián Fucci

    I would love going through those pages so much!

  • Rita

    Lovely book. I’d love to travel to India again.

  • Elizabeth

    This book looks beautiful! I would love to give it as a Christmas gift to my little niece :)

  • Rod MacGregor

    Looks like a fantastic book…my kid’s would like it I am sure!

  • Jo Brown

    looks beautiful!

  • Taaneya

    This book lives upto its title in so many ways-We’re all have different lives and we’re from different cultures and homes.But fundamentally we’re all the same.The illustrations,with its textures and organic shapes are unique and different too but convey the same thing.Its a wonderful book.

  • Nelleke

    Thanks, it was inspiring to read the interview. Jenny Sue is an inspiring artist and I would be very pleased to win this book, It looks so nice!

  • Monica Carnesi

    I saw one of the original art pieces at the Society of Illustrators exhibit in New York — amazing and beautiful!

  • Cassandra

    What a fantastic giveaway!! Looks like a beautiful book for any family to have in their library!

  • Lorrie Bennett

    What a wonderful book. I would love to give this to my little boy for Christmas! Beautiful!

  • spindelmaker

    I would love to win this book!I love children´s books because they have the best illustrations! Even though I don´t have kids myself, I sometimes buy children´s books just because they are so beautiful! :-)

  • Siobhan Jordan

    wow – such a beautiful book … fingers and toes are crossed :-) x

  • Avril Kelly

    Beautiful giveaway!

  • Brie

    That’s absolutely beautiful, the illustrations are definitely something to aspire to :)

  • A. Zolotic

    It’s nice to see that Jenny has delivered another wonderful book, so valuable to children’s minds and minds of others, as well, and story about uniqueness that is not there to separate us. Haven’t recently seen something beautiful like the spread in the last photo is.

  • Olga Prudnikova

    Such a nice book!

  • B @ Sweet Limes

    This book looks amazing, I just have to go check out her other book and see what it’s about. I love the topic of this one, would love to get my hands on a copy.

  • stephane Lauzon

    Wow, the illustrations are great ! Hope I win :)

  • Kathleen Collins Howell

    Wonderful concept. Especially love the quirky charactars, design, color. It’s very engaging to look at , even this small!

  • Julie

    My four little grandsons would love to come to grandma’s house and find a surprise on their special bookshelf! So Exciting! Pick Me!

  • sam fowler

    Beautiful! My children will love this book! brightly illusrtated – quirky and lovely story……..a wonderful bedtime adventure for them! a treat for the eyes! I am inspired!

  • steven jackson

    I love the concept. In is world we need more books like this to show how much we are the same.

  • Kim

    beautifully illustrated – would love to win a copy!

  • julie wasson

    this looks like a great, unique (not same old, same old) book to add to our collection. Thanks for sharing

  • Dani Duck

    Such a lovely book! Beautiful illustrations and I’d love to read the story. I’m sure my son and I will both enjoy this book! What a great idea for a contest. Good luck to everyone!

  • Carol

    My car girls would love a copy of this book I am sure!

  • Rita

    love this book

  • Jane Phillips

    I’m a school teacher and I love to add to my library.

  • Lynn Alpert

    I love Jenny’s work! This book looks beautiful!

  • Kristin McNamara Freeman

    What a wonderful book! Illustrations, words just superb. A most appropriate story, theme for these times of such divisiveness in the world. WIll definitely put this on my wish list.

  • Ana Maria Selvaggio

    My daughter and I are absolutely enthralled with the illustrations. So adorable! Cannot wait to read it. :)

  • Carla

    Love the look and theme of this book, and the story behind it. A message for us all to remember.

  • renée mcnamara

    looks lovely…. beautifully illustrated and a great story & i know just the little girl i’d like to give it to ; )

  • Koosje

    Wow, those ilustratons are awesome! And reading about the ‘making of’ makes it all even more fun to see and read. The photo of Jenny Sue painting with her newborn in her pouch, just wonderful!

  • caro

    precioso!!!!!!!!! felicitaciones

  • Janet (Dibbydabby)

    Hi, thanks for the opportunity to go in the draw for this lovely book. My daughter would love this, she is five and already an avid reader and she would really love the story behind this book. As I read with her at night, I’d feel pretty lucky too, reading alongside her :-)

  • Wm Brian MacLean

    The book & art are beautiful! Nice work!

  • Emma Jones

    Nevermind the giveaway, this book is amazing, I’m going to Amazon to order it. I can never have enough books as beautiful as this in my life.

  • slittle

    Great concept, looks good.

  • Sylvia Liu

    This book looks great. I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing it here.

  • Jeannie Burham

    The same – I feel exactly the same as others do. Fun book.

  • Aimy S

    My son would definitely love this book. great pictures on every page.

  • Marion

    Wat een prachtig boek! Hetzelfde, hetzelfde maar anders.
    What a beautiful book! Same, same but different.

  • Urmila

    The book is gorgeous! I love the title. I have to say that, being for India, I have heard that phrase used so many times! I only wish i got lovely ideas from them as well!

  • ET

    Oh! I simply love a book such as this! The illustrations are truly delightful.

  • Dawn Nguyen

    This book is lovely-looks so inspiring :)

    Thank you for the give-away,

  • Allyn

    Great idea for a book and it looks beautiful!! Would plan to give to my best friend’s daughter, but consider keeping for self ;) Regardless, I’ll probably buy a copy. Hope it’s at “Book Court” Brooklyn :)

  • jenny sue

    hi Everyone. thanks for your kind comments. :) i’m so happy you like what you see! this book is really close to my heart because of ALL the little friends in Nepal and India and home in the US who inspired it. wishing you and your children a world full of friendships across the oceans.

  • Elizabeth Rose Stanton

    Looks like fun!

  • Chris L

    Would love to gift this to a good friend for Christmas. This looks like a fantastic book and totally up her alley!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • Chuck Groth

    I love this! A marvelous blend of Eric Carle, Ana Kumar and Lane Smith! I can’t wait to read this.

  • sandra hamlin

    The heart of a child..Same dreams, same hopes and imaginations ..And their creative spirits are so universal..I love how you captured that Ms. Stanton-You truly must love kids

  • Maria Mercedes Trujillo A

    I love the illustrations, they are very inspiring.

  • Dan Haines

    Wonderful illustrations. I like to give books as gifts to my nieces and nephews so this will make a great gift.

  • Sarah

    Lovely book. I enjoyed exploring all of the links and getting a glimpse of Jenny’s work. So inspiring.

  • ejjjik

    Oh, it looks great! I’d love to have it!

  • Darice

    This belongs on my shelf next to Seuss and DePaola! Beautifully done! :-D

  • Katerina

    Looks great. Me and my child would like to have it. And I`m sure we will))

  • Anne Marie

    I love Jenny’s work and have been following her blog for several years. She is a true inspiration in her work and life. Her new book is beautiful and I would love to own an autographed copy by such an an inventive artist.

  • jewelllry

    Her new book is beautiful and I would love to own an autographed copy by such an an inventive artist.

  • Kate

    Beautiful. I’d love to have a copy of this.

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