Art Lab for Kids

For you illustrators and artists that teach or like makin’ stuff with your own kiddies, Susan Schwake of Art Stream Studios has recently published a new book, Art Lab for Kids. I received a copy recently and it’s amazing!

A bit from the press release:
“Art Lab for Kids will bring out your own creative style and voice with 52 fun, refreshing, and creative art projects that are great for children and set into weekly lessons. The exercises include drawing, painting, printmaking, paper, and mixed media. Such open-ended lessons as these can be explored over and over – with different results each time! Each lesson is inspired by the work of a contemporary artist, including Rebecca Emberley, Lisa Congdon, Megan Bogonovich, Amy Rice, Georgia O’Keefe, Chuck Close, and author, Susan Schwake. 

Susan has kindly offered to give away a copy of the book to Illustration Friday readers! Please leave a comment of your own favourite art project as a child and I will randomly select a winner.

The contest ends Friday, March 9 at 5:00 p.m (MST).


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Posted by admin on 03/06/12 under contests/projects

  • jill willis

    My favorite art project as a kid was blowing out Easter eggs and decoupaging them with scraps.

  • danna york

    I would love ART LAB!! I teach art to kids and we are always looking for new art to do!! Thanks!!!

  • Brian

    I was always fond of the potato stamp print.

  • Moira Swiatkowski

    This book looks great.
    Tie Dying is still one of my favorite craft projects.

  • Lori Dean Dyment

    One of my favorite projects was dipping folded paper into various inks to create beautiful tie-dyed papers.

  • claudia

    great book! As for my favourite art lab when I was a child, i loved making puppets with recycled materials.

  • Andi Osiek

    It’s hard to narrow down the choices but I would have to say that embroidery was my favorite art project as a kid. I don’t do it nearly as much as I should now… so relaxing.

  • lewis Henderson

    My most memorable project as a child was being asked to design a logo for a local housing project. This was when i was ten and to this day i can probably still re-create from memory what i drew. it involved a crane and a house combined in dynamic way and the company name (cala) underneath… who knew i’d still remember that.

  • Lisa Kretchman

    Sounds like a great book! My favorite art project when I was a kid was probably paper mache sculptures.

  • Gina

    I clearly remember using pastels for the first time as a young child. My very supportive mom had signed me up for an art class and we used the pastels in a little park in the spring. I still have that drawing. I plan on buying your beautiful book for my talented niece, and my own children as well.

  • Robin Bulleri

    My favorite art project as a child was making kaleidoscopes using beads and paper towel tubes.

  • Audrey

    That sounds like a fabulous book! My favorite art project was learning how to use real watercolors; I loved that they weren’t frozen in the little tubs.

  • Ashleymarie Sey Lively

    My absolutely favorite art project as a kid was melting crayons and making crazy abstract melted color art.

  • Denise

    Ohhh weeee! What a lovely giveaway! My favorite art project as a kid was pasta necklaces! I used to paint the pasta my favorite colors and make necklaces for everyone in my family…now i dont remember if they wore them!

  • Carrie

    My favourite art project when I was little was melting crayons between wax paper, and seeing what the outcome would be!

  • Petra

    I loved doing watercolours when i was a kid. I still have the stomped brush which i tortured back then (lost all it’s hairs)…

  • Pamela

    Only one project? I loved print making, ceramics, anything I could do with my hands.

  • Heidi Yoon

    Any kind of finger painting, especially edible!

  • Jan

    One of favourite projects was, taking an empty jar and glueing string to it in a pattern and painting it so make a lovely vase!! Good old messy fun!

  • Tara

    I would love to win this!! I’m an elementary school art teacher and this would be great for the classroom! As a child, my favorite art activity was painting with my grandfather. I loved painting pictures of my pets.

  • Samantha

    My favorite art project when I was a child was a guided drawing lesson on lions. I remember it being the first time I though of myself as good at art.

  • Valarie Ramirez

    ME, ME! I would LOVE a free copy! I mean, what homeschooling mom wouldn’t love a new book to incorporate into their supplies!

    Thanks for the chance!

  • adzka

    I liked drawing, but remember embroidered lessons the most

  • Georgia

    I loved anything creative as a kid, and still do, but I think one of my favourites was when my brother and I would sharpen up all our coloured pencils then just scribble randomly all over a big piece of paper until the pencils needed sharpening again. We called these our ‘messterpieces’!

  • Kim R.

    I really liked to do the scratch art as a child. Draw on a paper with crayons and cover with black paint and then scratch off a picture after the paint dries.

  • Carol B

    I really can not remember a specific art project but I do remember that I loved to play with clay.

    Carol B

  • cheryl

    pot holders, paper mache and anything with popsicle sticks!!!

  • Paula AL

    Hi! I loved to draw with coloured pens and as a big chid I would entertain myself in class, for hours, drawing all sort of letters :)
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Stephane Lauzon

    My favorites project was poster size (18x24in) illustration for christmas all made with prismacolor. I remember how its hurt to draw during hours with colored pencil. I reproduced an ad for Coca-cola with the Santa-Claus.

  • AZ

    I have tons of great art memories from childhood, but my favorite was probably making flipbooks. I love watching my own kids experiment now!
    zenzart at hotmail dot com

  • Emma

    One of my favourites was to create a picture on paper using brightly coloured crayons and then add black crayon on top. The black crayon would then be scraped away in parts to reveal a beautiful masterpiece underneath! I’m sure this activity has a name but I can’t remember it! :)

  • darlene

    Looks like a fantastic book for the young and young-at-heart. Please count me in.

  • Catharine

    I recall making tiles, pressed with real leaves and flowers. Then we had them fired and glazed them by rubbing iron oxide in the impressions of the leaves. I still have the tile a perfect project. Rather like leaf rubbing’s but somehow more permanent.

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