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For your artwork: do you use a laptop, desktop or no computer at all? why??

Do tell! Comment below or tell us on our IF Facebook page.

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Posted by admin on 05/10/12 under questions
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  • Vicky

    I have a laptop and a desktop computer. I do use it sometimes for artwork, as some I do with no computer at all. Even for a contract, or for personal art project. It depends on my mood, and my objective for the end result!!

  • Craig Ashforth

    I use an old motion computing tablet pc for digital colouring and digital painting. I sometimes just do pen and ink work that I only use the computer for scanning.

  • josh pincus is crying

    I use a micron pen and a sketchbook. Then, I scan my line drawing into Photoshop and color it. I haven’t touched my markers in nearly a year.

  • Constantina

    I use both color pencils and Adobe Photshop and Illustrator on a desktop Mac. I create color pencil textures then scan them and combine them within a digital illustration by cutting out precise shapes with Photoshop channels….sometimes I just do digital or just color pencil but mostly both.

  • Cindy D.

    Although I’ve been adding more digital backgrounds (and text) lately, mostly I just use Copic markers and fine liners. The desktop computer gets put to use for adjusting all the scans of my progress pics, because I like to post with lots (I think the last one had 16 separate shots, although the last few are digital background experiments.)

    I have seen so many people do absolute magic with PhotoShop and other programs but I don’t see myself going that way. I know it’s foolish but sometimes I still think of using the computer as cheating! On the other hand, it does seem smart to use shortcuts for some of the parts so you have more time for the other parts. That’s what I’ve started doing with backgrounds.

  • Corinne

    I use my desktop but I also draw and paint on water colors on my sketchbooks.

  • Jennifer Noel Bower

    I have a desktop computer with a 20 inch monitor and a Wacom tablet. All my sketches are still done traditionally, but then I scan and paint using Photoshop. For me I find that I give myself permission to take greater risks working digitally…and I am still learning to let go more. I like being able to sketch all over the place and then manipulate different elements digitally to obtain a better composition. I get paralyzed by traditional mediums. I loved markers, but once you caca’d up with those you had to start over. Also, I am a bit OCD so I like not having a mess of mediums in my studio.

    I’ve never understood the whole ‘computer as cheating’ POV. It isn’t like the computer is drawing or painting the image for me. My hand still moves across the paper, in this instance a digital tablet, and lays down the virtual paint. I guess the ‘do-over button’ could be considered a cheat though.

  • Pat Henzy

    I like to mix it up… I love creating illustrations using Photoshop/Illustrator/Gimp/Painter and it allows me to take more chances and experiment with things I couldn’t with paint or marker. But it’s nice (especially in the summer when I can go outside and paint/draw) to paint or draw on actual canvas or paper sometimes. I do most of my work for The Crayon War or clients using digital or acrylic paint. For my website I use a ballpoint pen and a Chartpak marker. For that blog I draw and post a new drawing every single day. I also agree with Jennifer Noel Bower, it’s real nice to not have a big mess afterwards. Back before I started using digital mediums I always had a big mess. I love my Wacom tablet and I think anyone who hasn’t tried one out should give it a try, I fell in love with mine minutes after hooking it up.

  • Marie

    Only for color. I hate digital line work (the way I do it) and love the way the texture of the paper can leach into the ink. Color though…total nightmare. Thankyou Photoshop!

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