Welcome to the NEW Illustration Friday!!

I am so thrilled to finally share with you our freshly updated website, including easier ways to share your art, browse illustrations, and connect with your creative community. With the new site, you can see all the beautiful artwork front and center, pop up a window to take a closer peek, and easily “Like” the pieces that make you smile, and “Share” them with your friends!

A few highlights:

* Thumbnails are now huge (!) and can be automatically generated (!!) for you if you choose. Try it out this week when you post your artwork — Go to the homepage, choose “Submit your illustration” and fill out the form. After you paste in your url and choose your Medium, the auto-generator will start doing its thing and you can choose your thumbnail easily! (Yippee!) You can also choose a thumbnail from your desktop if you choose. Either way is cool!

* It’s easier and fun to Submit a Topic! Think up a good word or short phrase that can be interpreted visually in lots of ways and submit it! If your topic is chosen you’re website link will be on the homepage and on the new weekly topic email.

* Speaking of weekly topic emails… We are using a new service so the newsletters are prettier and easier for you to manage. Sign up for topic and goodies in your inbox!

* We are now accepting sponsorship ads on the site if you’re interested in getting more eyeballs on your artwork / little prints shop / new project. Check out the sponsors on the sidebar. View sponsorship info.

* For even more ideas to get involve with the new Illustration Friday, visit the About page.

I hope you enjoy the new site! Please help spread the word by “Liking” IF on Facebook, tweeting about it, blogging about it or posting your art to the  homepage and on the IF Facebook Group page! And link back with a new IF button for your site!

Thank you so much for your support, continued participation and, of course, the awesome artwork you contribute! You guys are what makes Illustration Friday wonderful!

Penelope Dullaghan

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Posted by admin on 06/29/12 under news

  • http://www.papertelevision.com Josh

    This is so awesome! Love how user-friendly the site is and I can’t stop looking at all of the artwork now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/colin.dullaghan Colin Dullaghan

    I, for one, think the site is magnificent and so is its creator.

    • PenelopeDullaghan

      You know… I’d like to see one of your AWESOME drawings on the site!!! :)

  • Koosje

    Congratiulations Penelope!! The website looks awesome, can’t wait to upload my next submission. But first I have to create it :)

  • Coreopsis

    It LOOKS great, but I am wondering how I get to the artist’s sites so I can comment on their work.

    • PenelopeDullaghan

      Hi! On the homepage, if you click on the Artist’s name, it’ll take you to their page. And if you click on their image to pop up the view window, their name and image will also take you to their site. Also: you can Like their image on Facebook or Share it by clicking on those buttons on their thumbnail or popup. :) Hope that helps!! Glad you like the new site!

  • Cindy D.

    Haha seriously, it really does look great. Loved it before, still love it now, and I sing its praises wherever I go. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Penelope!

    • Cindy D.

      Whoa, seriously unintended code there. I really need to simplify my comments. ;)

  • Betsy
  • http://www.theslumberingherd.com/ Cindy Dauer

    Well, I’ve had more time to spend with the new site now, and I fear I’ve had some issues. Some may be growing pains, of course. The main issue is the slow loading of the images. Only a small set loads at a time, so one has to wait for each group of 12-15 or so to load, scroll to the bottom of that group, then wait again. Folks with slower machines will have even more issues, and those with less patience will not even know they have to wait and will think the first bunch is all there is. Maybe the designer could at least make it so the images continue to load in the background, so there is much less waiting?

    The effect will be (and has been, if those I have spoken to are a good indication), far fewer views and less visiting of posts, particularly anything past the first 30-50 showing. Several folks have mentioned their views are way down. Also, sometimes after visiting a site and going back to the main page, it locks up, and has to be refreshed. This means starting all over from the beginning with the scrolling. I think that most folks will not do much of the scrolling (and therefore miss the majority of the posts.)
    Next, because you can see the image in its entirety (if it’s been entered correctly), fewer folks will click to comment. With the old teaser thumbnails, there was lots of clicking to see what was on the other side, and then some percentage of comments since you’re already at the page. But if you don’t even click on the page – no comments.
    It also took me some time to figure out how to get to the blog from the main page.
    Thing is, I am one of Illustration Friday’s biggest fans! I love it and I love the people who made it! I tell people about it all the time and it is one of the main reasons I have produced as much as I have in the past year. Thank you so much for this wonderful thing that is Illustration Friday! But I thought you should know what I and others have been experiencing with the new design. Thank you.

  • Claire Wildish

    I think the new site looks great. Love the big icons, but I do have to agree with Cindy, I think maybe they’re slowing it down a bit. I found only about ten images would load at once and I had to keep pressing refresh to see more. This meant it was difficult to find old favourites so I ended up using my blog reader for the first time. I’m a big fan of Illustration Friday. I’ve been using it every week for the last couple of months and I love the community it encourages as well as the inspiration it provides to keep my skills up. I”m sure these issues will iron out in time.

    • PenelopeDullaghan

      Hi Claire, Actually it is set to load only 10-15 at a time. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, 10 more will load. Keep scrolling down to the bottom to have them all load. Hope that helps! :)

      • Claire Wildish

        Thanks Penny.

  • http://twitter.com/kazartgallery Karen Sagovac

    New site looks amazing! Great to be able to see everyone’s sub up bigger although it has lost a bit of its mystery. I found I didn’t actually go into very many blogs because I could already see the whole pic so left far less comments than I would normally do (sorry guys…). I’m sure I’ll get the hang of the new format though – just wanted to share my reaction. Did I say it looks fab? It does – congrats! x

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