5 Things About IF Participant Alina Chau

Hi guys!! Illustration Friday is introducing a new series highlighting YOU — the IF Participants. We are randomly emailing out mini-interview questions. You could be next — watch your inbox! Welcome to your art community! :)

Name: Alina Chau
Location: San Francisco
Fave IF Topic you’ve illustrated: Canned

What is something you would like to learn to do?
I would like to learn how to cook, play piano and dance a lot better … LOL

What’s your most-used art tool?
At Lucas Film, I use proprietary 3D animation program developed by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) … sort of similar to Maya for 3D story development/previz.

For my personal art project, my favorite medium is watercolor.

3 things that inspire you (yes, only 3):
1) For the most part inspiration come from my everyday life … I draw inspiration from past memories that’s close to heart; friends, family … people I love; and how people or things make me feel on daily bases.

2) Various other art forms – book, music, theater play, dance, movie etc..

3) Travel … I like to travel to new places to find inspiration

What are you looking forward to?
I just completed my first children picture book with my talented writer friend, Phil Amara, Tree House Heroes and the Forgotten Beast recently.  This book will be released in Oct 2012.  I learn a lot from working on this book, and discover I enjoy book illustration very much.  I hope I will get to do more book illustration in the future.

Right now I am looking forward to all the up-coming Tree House Heroes book events … It will be my very first time going to conventions and book events as an artist not a visitor … will be a very fun and new experience for me!!

Tell us something random about yourself.
With the advancement of modern technology, many traditional heritage cultures have been under appreciated … while some are slowly disappearing …

Someday, I wish I could to travel round the world … and use my paint brush to record traditional culture, sound and customs from different regions … and published travel story books about all the colorful and beautiful culture in different part of the world.


*You guys are what make Illustration Friday amazing! Thank you for participating each week.

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