5 Things About IF Participant Ellen Byrne

Name: Ellen Byrne
Location: Frederick, MD
Fave IF Topic you’ve illustrated: Enough (Favorite but sad since I posted this 3 years before she died.)

What is something you would like to learn to do?
I would LOVE to learn how to break away from being literal when I approach an illustration, especially with the concept. Smart concepts impress me to no end.

What’s your most-used art tool?
Adobe Illustrator on my MacBook Pro (so little prep and cleanup!)

3 things that inspire you (yes, only 3):
Being around creative people (this includes stop-ins at Illustration Friday)
An assignment, any assignment.
Everyday ordinary life (of course it’s never ordinary) 

What are you looking forward to?
Running, dancing, walking the dog, doing yoga after I get new knees in the next few months.

Tell us something random about yourself.
I went to highschool with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)


*You guys are what make Illustration Friday amazing! Thank you for participating each week.

Posted by Thomas James on 09/07/12 under IF Participants
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