Patterns Aplenty

Patterns show up often in my illustrations — on drawn tablecloths, figure’s clothing, wallpapers, backgrounds. I am always interested in seeing more patterns to inspire me to break out of my go-tos. I thought these were particularly lovely.

Do you use pattern in your work?

Ashley Goldberg / 2 skinny laminx, Kristina Isola / 3 minä perhonen / 4 Lourdes Sanchez / 5 Alicia Villodres

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Posted by penelope on 09/06/12 under pattern

  • Tiffany Patterson

    These are wonderful.

    I’ve used a ton in my most recent illustrations. The first repeatable pattern I made was for an IF theme – oh so long ago….

  • PenelopeDullaghan

    Tiffany: I love both patterns, but especially the bee! Super fun! Thanks for letting us peek! :)

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