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Posted by penelope on 10/09/12 under

  • Barbara Brunner

    Love the interview. The artwork is great. Like the statement about draw a lot that an artist will draw 10,000 bad drawing in their lifetime.

  • Lee

    Yay for children’s illustration, autumn inspiration, and kitty art directors!

  • carol

    Your work is beautiful, I am in education I would love to share your book in writers workshop

  • Janet O’Connor

    This interview was nicely done. There was a lot of honest advice. I appreciate that! Best of luck

  • melissa

    Great ilustrations….well put together book!

  • Vanya

    Great interview and giveaway, thanks!

  • Katherine O’Malley

    I love these illustrations! Classic looking but also modern.

  • Gaye Mulholland

    “Draw—a lot! They say the average artist make about 10,000 bad drawings
    in his/her life…so it’s best to get those out of the way early.”

    Loved that line in the interview. Makes me want to get drawing.

    I love the illustrations in this version of Hansel and Gretel.

  • David R. Vallejo

    Great and inspiring interview. Love the artwork. And as for 10,000 bad drawings, I think it is at least double that for me, but I’m working though it!

  • Holly J

    Love the artwork in this book

  • Sara Mena

    the illustrations are awesome! really good!

  • Joanna Strybosch

    I love the softness of these illustrations. They really draw me in. Beautiful work. Interesting interview, thank you.

  • Fran Gallagher

    Great interview ! Thanks for your honesty & for sharing…
    your work has a beautiful, soft quality…very appealing…

  • Melu

    Thank you so much for sharing, it WAS a great interview.
    These were inspiring words. I very happily just finished a drawing tonight after a long period of inactivity, so your advice to draw a lot resonates. I will definitely do that.
    Thanks also for the tips on scanning different textures to use in photoshop, I love that idea.

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