Things to Draw

(Self-Portrait by IF Contributor Rama Hughes)

In September I turned 35.┬áTo celebrate I put together a quick list of “35 THINGS TO DRAW!” and shared in on the IF Facebook Group. I thought I’d share it here in case you missed it.

Add your ideas to the list in the comments!

1. your coffee cup
2. a child playing
3. your house or apartment (from the outside)
4. the dish soap
5. tree roots
6. your messy bed
7. your toothbrush and paste
8. your car
9. a funny squirrel
10. your sleeping cat
11. your bookshelf
12. a self-portrait (go nuts on your hair!)
13. stairs (fun angles)
14. a clock
15. your lunch (try to make it appetizing)
16. a lamp (include the glow)
17. a bike
18. a leaf (how detailed can you get?)
19. the window
20. a shadow
21. your toes
22. your jar of pens/pencils
23. a bird (in motion?)
24. a slug (with a sparkly trail!)
25. folded clothes
26. your significant other
27. your non-dominant hand
28. a half-eaten apple
29. a trail
30. a found pattern
31. your notebook
32. a backpack
33. a stranger
34. the sidewalk
35. a balcony or terrace

Post your additions in the comments!

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Thomas James

Thomas James

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Thomas James

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