IF Kids Project :: Circle Collage

In this project, color and shape take center stage.  Use construction paper or mix it up with old photos, newsprint and pages torn from magazines.

To get started you will need:
construction paper – an assortment of colors
paper punch – I used a 1″ and a 2″ circle punch, but you could have just as much fun with a square one.
glue stick

Let’s create!

1.  Punch circles.  Turn on your favorite music and have fun punching!  Begin at the bottom and work your way around all four edges of the paper.  Trim off the paper’s punched edges and start again.  Continue working in this fashion until you have a desirable assortment.

2.  Arrange your composition.  Layer the circles on top of each other, line them up, or overlap like scales of a snake. You may be as elaborate as you wish.

3.  Glue down your composition.  Once you’ve settled on an arrangement, glue the circles in place using a glue stick.

Posted by Thomas James on 11/06/12 under IF Kids,Projects
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