Oil pastel and watercolor fun!

Hello all you budding artists! Here’s a mixed media project that is fun for all ages! All you need to get started is:

1. Oil pastels (crayons can work well too!)
2. Watercolor paint, brushes and water
3. Heavyweight paper (card stock, watercolor, oaktag, etc)

First draw your subject matter on the paper with the oil pastels. If you are using crayons, press hard! Take your time drawing and think about leaving some of the white paper showing. There is no limit to subject matter used for this lesson. Abstract scribbles are just as interesting as complex drawings sometimes! White oil pastel or white crayon will show up white when painted over – with lovely effects.

When you are happy with your drawing begin painting over the whole paper with one or many colors of the watercolor paint. Make sure your brush is very wet. The oil from the pastels or wax from the crayons resist the watercolor paint and fill in the background beautifully.

Try using black or deep blue or purple for a dramatic or night time effect. You can cut these up into interesting collage pieces too!

When you’re done, we want to see it!! Post your photos of your paintings on the IF Kids Facebook page and the Art Labs Kids Facebook page to share them!


This post is brought you by Illustration Friday Contributor Susan Schwake. Susan is co-owner and curator of Artstream LLC and though the gallery runs an independent art school serving people of all ages and abilities. She is also the author of Art Lab for Kids: 52 projects in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper and Mixed Media by Quarry Books.

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Thomas James

Thomas James

Thomas James is an Illustrator who has worked with The New York Times, WIRED, Pentagram, Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and many others. You can see his portfolio at thomasjamesillustration.com.
Thomas James

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