Editorial Submission :: Daphe Prochowsi

Editorial Submission :: Daphne Prochowski<<Illustration Friday
Editorial Submission :: Daphne Prochowski<<Illustration Friday
editorial Submission :: Daphne Prochowski<<Illustration Friday

Daphne Prochowski is a Dutch illustration student who is about to graduate from Academy Minerva. She works with traditional media like gouache and ink and has a fondness for crowds of people as subject matter, “It’s so fascinating to me; the way we all act when going to a bar, the dance moves and attitudes we radiate. And the relation and interaction of space and the people in that space, I think it’s very inspiring.”

Currently Daphne is working on her first children’s book which she’s writing and illustrating about a fox who loses his hat. The book’s progress can be followed on her Facebook page, she just finished the first spread.

View more of Daphne’s work: Portfolio

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