Illustration Friday Giveaway :: Artist WordPress Theme!!

Illustration Friday :: Giveaway

By Penelope

Hello artists! I am super thrilled to bring you this giveaway. This is a WordPress theme, designed by Josh Sears of Papertelevision, to help make your artwork look amazing by showcasing it in a professional, easy-to-manage way. Read the Q&A below for more info.

Illustration Friday Giveaway :: WordPress Artist Theme

* * * * *

1. Okay, so my dumb question should probably come first: What exactly *is* a theme?
That’s actually a good question, if only because it’s surprisingly tough to answer! Without getting technical, a theme allows you to make your WordPress site look and function with a specific set of features. These features are pre-designed, and pre-programmed by designers and/or developers, allowing you to launch a professional-looking site at an extremely low cost compared to building from scratch. Even better, Artist is fully responsive, meaning it displays properly on every tablet, and mobile phone. There’s a lot more to that answer, but in short: It let’s you make an awesome, personalized WordPress website, without the fuss.

2. You probably already answered this in the first answer, but who are themes for?
Themes in general are intended for just about anyone who wants to get a professional-looking website at an extremely low cost. They’re relatively easy to install, and dirt cheap compared to hiring a design and development team. I know this because I own a design and development company… and we cost… a lot. Themes are also great for people who have a lot of sites and don’t have the time to craft a site from scratch. So much thought is put into themes beforehand that the only thing left is to add your unique content, and then — bam! — you have a website. One negative with themes is that they can be tough to decipher for those without coding experience, but one of the benefits to the Artist theme is that it is almost all automated via the admin section, which we’ve built from scratch to make it simple to install and update for users of any level. We also have great tutorial videos to help walk you through building your site.

Illustration Friday Giveaway :: WordPress Artist Theme

3. Can I still make one of these themes feel like “me”? Is it possible to personalize it?
Heck yes. The Artist theme, in particular, was designed with this concept firmly in mind. My background, before I headed into the Web Design stratosphere, is actually in Fine Arts and Illustration, so I know how important it is to project a unique personality. You also want a website that presents your work while meshing with the overall look and feel. Artist lets you do just that—whether you’re looking for a super-slick photography site, or a more handcrafted look for your oil paintings — Artist handles those, and everything in between. You can get a feel for the unique “looks” of the theme by visiting the demo site. We’ve designed it so you can preview each and every customization:  Check it out!

Illustration Friday Giveaway :: WordPress Artist Theme

4. How much less time and money does it take, on average, if I go with one of your themes versus creating my site from scratch?
Well, the time that goes into installing and editing a typical WordPress theme depends on your comfort levels with WordPress, CSS, and HTML. It’s not unrealistic to have your theme launch-ready in as little as a single day, though some themes are a bit more dependent on your abilities than others. The good news with the Artist theme is that user-friendliness was a priority from the get-go. It was designed and coded from the ground up to make installation and functionality as simple as possible (No experience needed. At all.). We’ve also provided multiple how-to videos to help you get started, which you can check out on the demo site under the “Tutorials” tab.

As for cost… The theme is $39. It’s not even close to an exaggeration to say a similar site built from the ground up would run you close to about $5k. What?! Yep, I know these things.

5. How do you know so much about this stuff? Didn’t you start out as a designer?
I actually started out with a degree in Fine Arts in pursuit of an Illustration gig, but quickly learned that my knack for marketing and “computer stuff” made me a good fit for Web Design. So, I went back to school for a design degree, worked a 5 year stint at a small agency, and ultimately jumped into the land of entrepreneurship back in 2008. I co-founded a Web development company —, which is still going strong — and most recently branched off into sole ownership of a Mobile App and Web Design company called, aka PTV. I spend my days building interfaces, strategizing with clients, and otherwise launching exciting projects via the web and other handy devices. Oh, and I still draw. Mostly doodles of my dogs.

Oh, so you’ve learned a lot about the technical and programming side, then. Cool. Because my iPod has been acting up, and it seems to only be when it’s really rainy out, but if I jump up and down and kind of — hey, where are you going?

* * * * *

Ok, are you ready? Here’s the details on how to enter:

Papertelevision has offered to give away one Artist Wordress theme to a lucky reader!

To Enter:
- Leave a comment on this post expressing interest.
- This is a random drawing.
- One entry per person, please.

Winners will be announced on Monday! Good luck!

* * * * * * * * * *

The winner is Shannon Castor who said: ”This is fabulous, I’d love to win!” Congrats, Shannon!

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Posted by penelope on 03/20/13 under giveaway

  • Stacygray

    Great looking theme! My site could use an update!

  • Ka McCarthy

    I like the easy customisation features of this theme, as somebody who has had experience of customising WordPress sites for myself and others, they are very variable in terms of their customisation ease of access, all themes are “fully customisable” if you know what you are doing with css/child themes etc, and I wish more developers of themes would be more truthful when they describe the customisation (not sure if that is a word!) of a theme before we buy!

  • zooms

    This theme by Josh is exactly what I’ve been looking for……thank you for this :) best of luck to everyone xxx

  • Mary Valkosky

    Expressing interest! thanks! :)

  • Danielle Rose Fisher

    Fantastic layout! This is exactly the type of theme I wish i had on my current site.

  • Hannah Olsson

    Looks great! :) So I’m expressing my interest aswell! :)

  • April Lauren Kelly

    What a lovely theme! I can say I’ve spent countless times looking for the perfect portfolio theme, testing retrying retesting. It’s nice to know specific portfolios with the artist in mind are out there. Also love the masonry portfolio style. Would love this theme!

  • Laura Paperkid

    I would love this artist theme, being an artist myself. It’s clean, simple and effective.

  • elena

    Good theme. Want.

  • Michelle Ouellette

    What a great theme, I’d love to use that to show my work!

  • WendyMartinArt

    OMG! This is amazing. I’d love to win it! Thanks for the chance.

  • Audra

    I would love to have this theme! I have been looking for a layout that displays the work in a visually appealing way and allows me to add my own customization. I know how to code but it is not where I want to spend my time. I like how this theme caters to “posting” and not to the behind-the-scenes part about keeping up with a website.

  • Teresa Lywood

    A someone who is on my final module of a Fda in Illustration this would be fab to win!!

  • Greta

    Oh, I wish to update my old one to this great team

  • Stephane Lauzon

    This is cool ! I want to win this !

  • Poppy Locke

    That theme looks really cool.. count me in for the draw please!

  • Melissa Tan

    pick me please!

  • Diane Bressler

    Looks great – I’d love to win!

  • Sheila Hudson

    It would be so wonderful to win! I’ve had a web sight for years but it’s years out of date because I’ve not been able to change anything myself and had to pay for each change. I’ve been knowing I need to make changes.

  • Guest
  • jacqueline

    This theme looks really great and professional. I would be grateful to win!

  • Carlos Quitério

    The layout works very well. easy and simple to navigate, straight to the point, no clicking around closing and opening new pages. just the way a portfolio should be, and the way I like it.

  • Coloresque

    I would very much like to win this theme because I’m always wondering what the layout of my website should be and this is like exactly how I would do it!

  • Sarah Underwood

    Monkey is grumpy. Why? He wants a new theme for the site he’s sitting in to display him in the greatest of gloriousness (for the lady monkey’s). Make Monkey less grumpy, he has wet in his eyes from sad, you can help take the wet away by choosing Sarah Underwood! :)

  • haze

    I’ve been working on creating a new portfolio and this looks FABULOUS! I would be very happy – make that thrilled – to win. Thank you for the op.

  • Kari Pearson

    Awesome! Throwing this into the hat.

  • Angela DeMuro

    So great! Thank you for the opportunity!!!!

  • Bri Mercedes

    That’s a lovely theme. Expressing my interest! :)

  • Maria Luiza Lenzi

    Amazing theme! My portfolio will become truly artistic with this theme. :)

  • Val Myburgh

    This looks really interesting!

  • Lexie

    I love this

  • Paulette OrNot

    looks really good!

  • Sarah Hemsley

    Looks fantastic, illustration student in need of a website :)

  • Justine Beech

    Wonderful idea! I definately do NOT have the knack for the computer aspect/ marketing part of illustration. My website has been untouched for a few years now. Help!

  • Liz Stevens

    Hey love the post and would love to win the theme for my “lame-o” wordpress site! (Crossing fingers, toes, elbows, eyes…) X-P

  • Elizabeth Metz

    I’m in the midst of planning a redesign of my portfolio anyway, and have been looking at different WordPress themes. This one looks great, and what a fantastic giveaway!

  • Nat Ch

    This looks wonderful. I’ve been wanting to set up a wordpress site.

  • Lauren Soloy

    This looks great!

  • Cartoine

    This looks waaaay better than my wordpress! My site’s in need of sprucing up! :)

  • Lisa Thiessen

    I’d love to update my site with this!

  • Bailenagra

    Love this theme. Spring is for new beginnings and I would love to start up a site. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Katie Petersen Lenius

    Love the theme & I’ve been wanting to try WordPress.

  • Lucas Andersen

    Interest :)

  • Cait Brennan

    Ohhhhh, I wants this theme!

  • Huszár Judit

    Awesome! I’m always going back and forth and can’t decide how to showcase my portfolio. Wether blogspot or wordpress is the ideal for me? Now I know :)

  • Meredith Armstrong

    Interested! Eee! Looks so cool : D

  • Carly

    This would be awesome to have!

  • Erin

    Thanks for sharing! Would love to learn more.

  • Marine

    I am currently looking into making a new website/portfolio and this looks fantastic!

  • Vanessa Glenda

    Been using WP for a year now. Its lovely. Would be thrilled to have a new theme. :)

  • Imperio

    I would love to have a theme designed for an artist. Choose me, choose me!

  • Maya

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!!

  • Scott Porembski

    A new theme would be great! Especially one that looks this sharp.

  • Caitlin Maloney

    Really like the design of this theme – perfect for an artist!

  • Carlene Vitale

    What a great contest! I’d love to win!

  • Lisa Anchin

    Sweet! The theme is fantastic!

  • Jasmina Nakeva

    Great! I love the slide show on top of the theme! And was just thinking about moving my website to WordPress! That could be a great start!

  • Egmond Petzoldt

    Great theme, very pinteresting (-:

  • Daniel James Fraser

    The Artist theme looks amazing! Perfect for me

  • DMiles

    WordPress rocks when it comes to delivering your material to the web and providing so much flexibility in the presentation. This theme looks amazing! Love it.

  • Joan

    Looks like an efficient and more comprehensive solution for an building online portfolio/studio storefront. Nice.

  • Pragya

    Yes Please!

  • Brooke Cheney Allen

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Easy, creative, professional, super sharp! Thanks for sharing insight into the wordpress world.

  • Mary Aris

    Great article! Thank you! The themes look impressive!

  • Ilaria Benedetti

    Really elegant and cool style!

  • K Mericks

    I love how easy the theme is on the eyes and how easy it is to navigate.

  • Diandra Mae

    This is a gorgeous theme! I’m updating my website in a few months, and this would be perfect! *fingers crossed*

  • Amy Davis

    Great work! As a WordPress idiot I am impressed with the flow of this theme – great work! Crossing my fingers, knocking on some wood…..

  • Shannon Castor

    This is fabulous, I’d love to win!

  • Lisa T

    Josh, nice work. That is a very attractive theme. My site needs a major overhaul so I would love to win this giveaway!

  • Jenny Dixon

    Love WordPress, and like others… am about to redo my site. Or maybe just add a new one that is strictly a portfolio. Normally use WooThemes…but would Love to branch out and give yours a try. Hope I win!

  • Jennifer

    I love this them and I have a perfect project to use it for. And to be able to do it myself!

  • lalacuna

    Nice theme! I have been stumbling my way through a first experience with WordPress lately, and haven’t seen anything as cool as this offered yet.

  • Bunny O’Day

    I’m in!

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