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Artist -- Anke Weckmann01<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Anke Weckmann02<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Anke Weckmann03<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Anke Weckmann04<< Illustration Friday

Originally from “a little town near Hannover in Germany” Anke Weckmann has been living and working as an illustrator in London for many years now. She developed a lovely, distinct yet versatile style that works in Editorial, Fashion, as Music Artwork and in Product Design (Anke illustrated the packaging of a whole product range of cosmetics and accessoires for te brand “Too Cool For School”). And besides being updated on current commissioned works you can find the very charming and funny “Learning French” comics on her blog.

I especially love the delicate balance of detail and composition, ornamental elements and coloring. There’s so much to discover and yet her works never seem overloaded.

Also fellow or future illustrators might want to do themselves a favor and check out Anke’s blogpost  on working out and staying healthy while you spend most of your career sitting at a desk.

See more of Anke’s work: Portfolio | Blog | Shop

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Thomas James

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