Yellena James :: wow wee!!

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Last week I made a find which was the work of yellena james – very VERY inspiring indeed. This is the first of her designs that I saw – and it makes me want to jump into it!Yellena James << Illustration Friday

She uses pens, inks, markers and acrylics to combine complex abstract forms into dazzling images which take on lives of their own.

Yellena James << Illustration Friday

“My latest works further explore the intricate and delicate forms of an imaginary ecosystem, twisting and floating together in an alluring environment. I attempt to create an ethereal place which is hypnotically familiar and yet hauntingly exotic, adding tiny little details in a sort of compulsive meditation, until a perfect balance is created. The intricacy and high detail, along with hints of existing organic shapes lend to the intimacy and believability of each new world. ”

Yellena James << illustration friday

See her website

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