Editorial Submission :: Tilly (aka Running for Crayons)

Post by Natalie

tilly_spain-map_national-geographic_1500 Tilly_ships-in-the-nightTilly_RUNNING-FOR-CRAYONS_five-husbands_illustration_1500


Tilly (aka Running For Crayons) is a freelance illustrator from Brighton, UK.
Since graduating in 2006 with an MA in Sequential Illustration and Design she has worked for clients such as The Guardian, Telegraph, Vodafone, Time Out magazine and she regularly contributes to the National Geographic traveler. She draws inspiration from the everyday and the odd and enjoys creating characters based on the people around her. You can find her studio just a stone’s throw from the sea in Brighton.

See more of Tilly’s work on her website.

Posted by Natalie on 06/24/14 under artists,editorial submissions

  • Júlia Meireles

    portugal is not spain
    by respect you should at least make a border

    • nadia

      Hi Julia.
      The line is there, just you need to have a look properly.It’s a bit confused,I know she should do a better differentiation… Also she has not drawn any city of Portugal and obviously I think this is not disrispectuful.
      By the way.. Nice illustrations :)

      • Julia Meireles

        sorry bu cactuses smaked on top off lisbon…

        if you dont want to consider my objection at least consider the accuracy
        it is not geographicaly acuratte because there are two countrys and it looks like one.
        i apologyse for teh sintaxe my writing is rusted

        and i also think they are goog ilustrations

        • nadia

          She is not talking about Portugal, so she didn’t focussed on recreate properly outside of Spain,( It’s an illustration, doesn’t matter if she drew a cactus or a flower)Have you preferred that she had drawn a hole instead of keep the piece of portugal?

          It’s just an illustration made it for National Geographic Traveller and it’s a Spanish food map, is not infographic for a geographic book . so just enjoy the illustration

          • Julia Meireles

            i would preffer the hole
            sorry but this misconception happens often
            i respect the idea
            and for nathional geographic it should be more accurate
            and i really love the work but cant accept the mistake

  • Rafa MIr

    Hi Julia, If you look closer you can see a line separating Portugal from Spain, and the colour of Portugal is the same than France. So I dont think French people feel that the illustration means that Portugal an France are part of Spain :)

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