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Twitter is one of the largest social media networks out there, sometimes you can even get followers. This is what happened to me and when artist Sean Briggs started following me I took time to explore his work.


A personal love of nature created a natural love for Briggs’ illustrations. Sketched with graphite onto a brown tinted paper, the effect of the traditional media comes through fantastically. There is a sense of rawness to his sketches which make you feel connected to the landscapes and animals he illustrates.

Briggs was born on a hill farm in West Yorkshire in the North of England which explains his love of the great outdoors and his source for inspiration. Currently, Briggs tries to balance out his professional and creative work but still finds time to travel to the British countryside.

It is so great to stumble across artists through social media, you never know who will inspire you next!

See more of his work on his website at


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Carla Taylor

Budding illustrator currently studying at the University of Huddersfield. Personal work includes mixed media with themes of nature, although I thrive off experimental techniques and looking at new approaches to creating art.

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