Artist: Audrey Roger

Article by Oli Rogers

Interiors I.I_Audrey Roger_o

Camera_front_Audrey Roger_o

swimming pool_Audrey Roger_1300x863_o

Woven leather sandals_detail1_o


Handbag - contents_Audrey Roger_o

Keys_Audrey Roger_o

What are these photos doing on Illustration Friday? Sure, they’re great photos and everything, but isn’t this blog supposed to be about illustration?

Look a little closer and you will find the answer: believe it or not, every one of these objects – from the lens of the vintage camera to the cigarette butts in the ashtray – have been meticulously crafted out of paper by artist and illustrator Audrey Roger. Audrey’s work is a great example of how innovative illustrators can look beyond more commonplace media to create striking and memorable images.

Marvel at more of Audrey’s incredible paper creations over at her website, where you can also browse a selection of her mesmerising geometric designs.

Posted by Oli Rogers on 07/10/14 under artists
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