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Being able to return home for part of the summer after another year of University (for me home is Bridlington, East Yorkshire) has enabled me to explore art along the coast of England. Passing by a local art gallery I noticed these wonderful works of art by Sharon Tiernan. Born in Scarborough, it was lovely to see some genuine local talent! The vibrancy of her paintings bring the subjects to life. Tiernan pays attention to detail to create the tones and textures in each piece. Passion is clearly seen in all of her works of art as she tries to make them as realistic as possible, “It is essential for me when acquainting myself with a subject, to aim for accuracy and realism within my work”- Tiernan.

Tiernan studied at the Univeristy of York and gained a Masters in Painting at the University of Hull, therefore it is clear that her skill has been acquired through many years of patience and practice. I took it upon myself to contact the artist directly to gain a better insight into her inspirations and personal background.

Her response can be seen on my personal blog at:

Why not check out the local art scene in your own area? You might be pleasantly surprised at the talent you find, just like I was!



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