Exhibition: ‘Home Sweet Home’ at Atomica Gallery

Article by Oli Rogers

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Our homes are the places in which those many prosaic, private little moments that constitute our lives take place. We cook our beans on toast, walk about in our birthday suits, sprawl on our sofas, kiss our lovers with toothpaste still in our mouths, encounter roving wizards and savagely murder giants in our vegetable patches.

Wait, what? OK, so perhaps not all of these things happen in your abode all that regularly, but if you were, for example, a ghost or a Kafka-esque humanoid fly then you’d presumably still want a little sanctuary in which you could escape the everyday pressures of life, wouldn’t you? And who’s to say what sorts of bizarro business you’d get up to within those four walls? If this is the kind of thing you’ve ever wondered about (and you’re not averse to checking out the odd bit of contemporary art), then Home Sweet Home, the new show at London’s Atomica Gallery, might just be the thing to satisfy your curiosity…

Atomica is a leading light in London’s contemporary art scene, and showcases the work of lowbrow and pop surrealist artists and illustrators. Home Sweet Home is their latest exhibition, a double-headliner featuring the fascinating work of artists Angela Dalinger and Nicholas Stevenson. It promises to offer a bit more than your usual group show, as the pair’s charmingly-rendered slices of unconventional domestic voyeurism have been conceived specifically in reaction to one another. Sometimes subtly, sometimes more overtly, there’s a dialogue going on that demonstrates the cynical sense of humour shared by this pair, and also their take on modern home life. It’s aesthetically charming, and at times conceptually disturbing, but always delightful nonetheless.

Your opportunity to be a nosy neighbour runs from 14 August and runs till 11 September.

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Thomas James

Thomas James

Thomas James is an Illustrator who has worked with The New York Times, WIRED, Pentagram, Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and many others. You can see his portfolio at thomasjamesillustration.com.
Thomas James

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