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I came across the lovely work of Lesley Buckingham through the Central Illustration Agency and was immediately drawn to her loose watercolour illustrations of various natural forms. These delicate pieces appear effortless to the untrained eye although it is clear the amount of effort and talent needed to create these unique illustrations. After seeing Buckingham’s work I was intrigued to know more about her individual practice and so contacted the artist directly. Here is her response when asked about her inspirations and techniques she uses to create her work:

‘I trained in textiles , specialising in embroidery ( which I still do , look up Betty Bib, I make fairies and embroidered pictures ! ) Because my work at college was very illustrative I found myself on leaving , working as a freelancer in both fields – not always easy to produce and market two different types of work – sometimes I have managed to bring the two together as when I wrote and illustrated my Betty Bib fairy books and included both painted and 3-D textile figures in them. More recently I have been showing my much bolder and simpler style of painting through the CIA website … This began with work that I made on holiday and in sketch books ‘playing around ‘, but that I realised had a wider and more commercial appeal than the fairy images and I am currently enjoying working in this style for magazines and some advertising projects. I love the variety of it all !’

More of Buckingham’s work can be found on the Central Illustration Agency website.


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Budding illustrator currently studying at the University of Huddersfield. Personal work includes mixed media with themes of nature, although I thrive off experimental techniques and looking at new approaches to creating art.

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