Please read the following instructions on how to submit and the FAQ.


The new uploader can auto-generate your image submission for you, or you can upload it manually yourself. An image at least 190 pixels wide will work best.

To start, go to the home page and hit “Submit your Illustration.” Fill out the form. Where it says: “Enter the link to your illustration, or your website” copy and paste your whole URL there — after you’ve clicked on the title or time stamp of the post where your illustration lives. That’s what you should copy and paste into the form box. That creates a static link that will help auto-generate the thumbnail.

After entering your URL, choose a Medium and Style and while you do that, the automatic generator will start working on your thumbnail. Then simply scroll through with the arrows to choose the image you want to use. If you choose to a thumbnail this way, just skip the “Choose File” button and move on to the Captcha.

Or you can select “Choose File” and upload an image from your desktop. Your choice.

Finally, enter the Captcha words and hit “Submit your Illustration”.

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Q:  My thumbnail looks pixelated. Why?
A:  When uploading your own thumbnail (not using the auto-generator), make sure it’s at least 190 pixels wide. It will not pixelate at that size.

Q:  I use an iPad and my submission doesn’t seem to work.
A:  We’re looking to the iOS 6 update to make file uploads for the iPad a reality.

Q:  I think I’m doing everything correctly, but my image still won’t upload!
A:  Check image size. Large images will not upload. Please be sure your image is less than 250K. A good way to do this is to size your image no larger than 800 pixels in either dimension.

Q:  Do you accept guest posts on the Illustration Friday Blog?
A:  Yes. Please read our guidelines before submitting.


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