Thomas James, Editor/Creative Director
Thomas is a professional illustrator who creates smart visual concepts for such clients as WIRED, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and many others, some of which have been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration. He is also the Editor and Creative Director of Illustration Friday’s partner site, Illustration Age, a former board member of the ICON Illustration Conference, and author of several illustration resources such as the Illustrator’s Survival Kit, 15 Steps to Freelance Illustration, and Inside Illustration Competitions, just to name a few.

Marc Scheff, Managing Editor
Marc Scheff is an illustrator whose work has appeared in publications and software including Spectrum, ImagineFX, Corel Painter 11 & 12, The Gorilla Art Fare Art Book, and more. Marc recently co-founded Awesome Horse Studios, the free livestream demo/crit channel. He has also spent the last few years making pretty things at game shops like EA and Gameloft. See and learn more at:


Penelope Dullaghan, Founder of Illustration Friday
Hi, I’m Penelope Dullaghan. I’m a freelance illustrator who was pretty lonesome when I first quit my day-job, 9 years ago, to test out the water solo. I created Illustration Friday as a way to meet other illustrators, pad my portfolio and evolve my personal illustration style. Illustration Friday started off super small on my personal blog, but it wasn’t long before I noticed other artists were participating regularly and forming an awesome, friendly community. I loved seeing their work and decided to dedicate an entire site to people who wanted to share their artwork each week.

Illustration Friday launched on its own domain in 2004 and has since grown beyond my wildest dreams. Illustrators, artists and doodlers from all over the globe, from all walks of life, all age groups, ethnicities and skill levels participate in the weekly topics. It’s so inspiring to see the artwork created each week!


Meet the IF Bloggers!



Alice Palace
Alice works as a greeting card publisher, illustrator and designer from her studio in Evesham with her sister Lizzy (the studio manager) and their two dogs, Jemima and Honey (the distractions!). After receiving a first class degree in graphic design at Nottingham Trent University in 2000, Alice began producing illustrations for her own enjoyment, whilst working as a graphic designer and dreaming of running her own business! She was bored of doing work that was always the same and wanted to do something different. Alice Palace was launched in June 2004 and is a small independent British company, specialising in unique design-led hand illustrated eco-friendly greeting cards, wrapping paper, personalised gifts, wedding stationery, and illustration and design projects. She knows how very lucky she is to be able to do something she loves every day to create designs that have a very personal and playful style. Find out more about Alice on her website.


Angie Brown
Angie Brown has a background in fine art and works as a graphic designer, but her heart wants to be an illustrator. Her work has always had a narrative quality and even her mixed media collage paintings have an editorial feel. She began illustrating children’s books last year and draws a lot of animals and architecture. Angie freelances in her spare time and takes on the occasional commissioned painting. She lives in Charleston, S.C., with a cat whose hobbies include chewing on pencils and shredding paper. Angie’s portfolio site can be found at and her blog is at She also co-writes a blog about a book about a dog at


Clíodhna Meldon
Clío is a Visual Communication student from Dublin Ireland. She has a passion for film photography, illustration and boxer dogs. Clío enjoys writing, reading and taking photographs every day. You can see more of her work on her blog.


Jeanine Henderson
Jeanine’s a designer and illustrator based in New York City. She has over nine years experience designing children’s books, which has allowed her to collaborate with and direct many award-winning artists on middle-grade and YA covers. She’s also a freelance illustrator, creating art and hand-lettering for magazines, books, and advertising. Her work is a combination of  ink, acrylic and digital, and can be seen at


Kristen Nelson
Kristen is a former high school teacher who currently provides technical support and content marketing for a educational technology company. She has a fascination for design and has taken college-level courses for illustration from Pacific University and metalworking from Portland Community College. She has also spent her lifetime learning alternative photography methods from her father, who specializes in a variety of techniques including platinum printing. Finding joy in the experimentation process, her current concentrations involve block-printing, alternative photography, and mixed media. Find out more information on her blog.


Lindsay Obermeyer
Lindsay Obermeyer has exhibited her art at galleries and museums across the United States as well the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Australia and Colombia. Her work has been featured in American Craft and The Los Angeles Times among others. She is an adjunct professor at Chicago State University and a project designer for the crafts industry with specialty in kid’s crafts. Her website is


Naomi Bardoff
In 2010 Naomi Bardoff graduated from Bard College, where she majored in fine arts and studied watercolor, ink drawing, and book-making. She has also taken classes at the Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts. Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Naomi has been working on her illustration portfolio, working in offices, and volunteering and taking classes at the San Francisco Center for the Book. In addition to the SFCB blog, she blogs on her art blog, naomese – naomi bardoff’s art blog; and pins to her Pinterest boards. Her own book work can be found on her website.


Rama Hughes
Two truths and a lie about Rama Hughes: He dropped out of school to work on a farm. He wrestled bear cubs while working as a zookeeper. You can see his work at


Sarah Palisi
Sarah Palisi is an illustrator (mainly) and graphic designer (sometimes) from Germany. When she is not working away at her freelance career while listening to podcasts she tries to ignore the little nagging voice of existential anxiety and enjoy something that resembles a private life (unheard of). If you’re curious now, check


Susan Schwake
Susan Schwake is an artist and art instructor in her own art school, where she has created her own curriculum and offers workshops and retreats most every day of the year with her adjunct teaching staff of three. Her vision to teach and share art on her own terms has grown into artstream studios, which includes a contemporary gallery, and a full media design firm. Susan has curated over 70 shows in her gallery and 50 shows of children’s work in her local area. She exhibits her own work in galleries in New England and Europe.  Visit her online at or


Tamsin Ainslie
Tamsin Ainslie lives in Northern NSW, Australia with her partner John and daughters Olympia and Matilda. She spends her time illustrating children’s books, designing book covers, drawing, painting, making little books and printmaking. When Tamsin’s not drawing, she’s spending time with her family, surfing, cooking, playing, eating ridiculously delicious food, reading and writing. Find our more about Tamsin on her website.


Wendy Schiller
Wendy Schiller is an animation student from Washington DC. She loves painting in watercolor and combing the internet to see what other folks are up to. When she’s not creating something, she reads comics and drinks tea. Learn more about Wendy on her website.


Editorial Submission Gurus!

(These are the folks who check out the great stuff you submit for the IF Blog!)


James Ketsdever
James Ketsdever had permanent ink stains on his hands for most his childhood, replaced by fixer and developer stains when he discovered photography. Now a San Francisco Bay Area graphic designer, illustrator, educator, blogger and hand letterer, his early career was in photojournalism as chief photographer for a Bay Area daily newspaper. In 2001 he joined his wife, also a graphic designer, to form Sara Waters Design Group where he is currently a principal and Senior Designer. His love of illustration, calligraphy and photography began at an early age and all those influences are evident in his evolving illustration style. “I’ve always had a fascination with any art form that combines words and pictures to tell a story.” James has been posting his work to Illustration Friday under the name Foolish Fire, since 2005, which is also the name of his blog/web site.


Natalie Magnuson
Natalie is an illustrator and product designer who has recently relocated to the Southwest. She received her BFA in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has 8 years of experience designing product for the giftware and specialty market. Her freelance work includes editorial and children’s book illustration. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her two cats, Chia and Henry. Find out more about Natalie on her website.


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