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Illustrator: Lesley Buckingham

small salmon







I came across the lovely work of Lesley Buckingham through the Central Illustration Agency and was immediately drawn to her loose watercolour illustrations of various natural forms. These delicate pieces appear effortless to the untrained eye although it is clear the amount of effort and talent needed to create these unique illustrations. After seeing Buckingham’s work I was intrigued to know more about her individual practice and so contacted the artist directly. Here is her response when asked about her inspirations and techniques she uses to create her work:

‘I trained in textiles , specialising in embroidery ( which I still do , look up Betty Bib, I make fairies and embroidered pictures ! ) Because my work at college was very illustrative I found myself on leaving , working as a freelancer in both fields – not always easy to produce and market two different types of work – sometimes I have managed to bring the two together as when I wrote and illustrated my Betty Bib fairy books and included both painted and 3-D textile figures in them. More recently I have been showing my much bolder and simpler style of painting through the CIA website … This began with work that I made on holiday and in sketch books ‘playing around ‘, but that I realised had a wider and more commercial appeal than the fairy images and I am currently enjoying working in this style for magazines and some advertising projects. I love the variety of it all !’

More of Buckingham’s work can be found on the Central Illustration Agency website.


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Artist: Foxy Artisan

Foxy Artisan

Foxy Artisan2

Foxy Artisan3

Foxy Artisan5



Searching for new talent I was astounded to be recommended the work of Foxy Artisan. After contacting the artist, she was delighted to send me some examples of her work and tell me all about her personal inspirations and artists influences:

‘A lot of my work is based on Fandoms. My favourite tv shows or movies/celebrities and the like. I do a lot from Vikings, Avengers, Supernatural and Constantine. I just feel that Fanart is a great way to express a love for a particular show, and at the same time there is a lot of people out there on Tumblr etc that have an equally enthusiastic interest as me

As for artists I admire, some would have to be William Blake, Albrecht Durer and Thomas Moran. Their style of painting is so beautiful! And mainly consisted of watercolours; which I feel as though I work best with. The natural flow of the water is something I like to try and work into my pieces as best I can.’

Personally I was completely in awe over the sheer detail included in each piece. The artist has a clear amount of passion which is admirable along with a natural talent which cannot be ignored.

If you would like to view more of Foxy Artisan’s work see her Facebook page or find her on Etsy.


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Illustrator: Asher Jay

Bestrewn2  InHindsight-AsherJay InTatters-AsherJay   TakePride-AsherJay


Born in India but mixed descent raised by the world,  Asher Jay creative conservationist and animal activist, uses graphic imagery to portray her passion for nature and campaigns against various issues such as wildlife trafficking, habitat loss and many other global issues concerning wildlife.

It can easily be said how strong Jay’s influence is to the general public through her campaign art which causes the viewer to gain a true perspective of what is happening around the world. Personally I found her Ted Talk truly inspiring which you can view here, and from direct contact I found Jay to be an extremely passionate individual with a desire for change.

More of Jay’s work can be found on her website.


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Discovering ‘Templeman Art’



After being recommended by a friend, I discovered the beautiful work by Emily Templeman of ‘Templeman Art’. Her main themes are based around nature and animals, often using watercolours to capture the beauty of what she sees.

I contacted the artist asking about her main inspirations, background and where she sees her work heading in the future. I was very pleased to receive such a detailed response, giving me great insight to her thoughts and inspirations:


‘Basically, my decision to start pursuing art as a career stemmed from A level art class. Part of the course was to try and get in contact with a local artist and create work inspired by theirs; similar medium, or style, or subject choice. I contacted Mary Ann Rogers and we got talking a lot; she was very helpful and encouraging and was the first person to look at my work and say ‘that would sell’.

I ended up doing a year of Computer Games Art in university but that didn’t stick and I ended up completing only the first year before deciding to leave. It was then that I chose to try and chance my luck at setting up as a self employed artist. Now my style has changed greatly; if you compare the images in the Animal Watercolour and Tribal galleries to the 2014 gallery, but it’s still very much animal focussed, with my attentions now on capturing the flow, movement and colour rather than a realistic.

I’ve also been inspired by the designs and styles you see in art nouveau pieces. Particularly, I use the vines, leaves and flower motifs in my paintings. The Showa Koi, for example, has leaves that make up the black markings and a flower design for the red crown. As for the future, I think just with more practice and experience, I hope to carve out a niche in the art world where my work is recognisable as mine. With my early pieces, I did get a few comments along the lines of ‘That looks like Mary Ann Rogers’ stuff!’, which while a huge compliment, also means I wasn’t really creating anything unique to me. Ultimately, I’d love, love, love to have my own studio and gallery. I don’t expect to become hugely famous or rich, but if I could make enough to earn a decent living, it would be an absolute dream come true.’


More work by ‘Templeman Art’ can be found on her website or Facebook page, don’t miss out!


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Artist: Katie Hampson

K Hampson4

K Hampson3

K Hampson2

K Hampson

After attending the Buy Art Fair 2014 in Manchester at the weekend, I saw the lovely work of Katie Hampson, a fine artist and illustrator from the North West of England. Hampson’s work initially struck me with their looseness and vibrant colour depicting several animals. At the art fair, the artist was undertaking a live art demonstration where she proved her skills and talent. I was able to briefly meet Hampson and ask about her main inspirations which she responded by telling me her main influences are drawn from animals, music and from her own imagination.

K Hampson Live

Katie Hampson Live

If you want to view more of Katie Hampson’s work see her website or Facebook page.


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Artist: Jean Haines


Although I have previously blogged about the beautiful work of Jean Haines on my personal blog (see original post here) I really felt that it was necessary to include her work on the Illustration Friday blog, I didn’t want you to miss out on this talented artist!

Haines traveled the world between 1989 and 2006, touring Asia, the Middle East, America and Europe. During this time she found many influences for her art career, in particular China taught her a lot about brush control which is evident in her work today. Currently, Haines resides in England where traveling is still a huge part of her career.

It is easy to be envious of Haines’ talent in watercolour; her style appears loose but we know there is an element of control which creates these vivid, unique pieces of art. The strongest elements in her work appear when the subject is subtly hinted at but we still know it is there. As many artists are aware, watercolour is arguably one of the hardest mediums to use yet Haines makes it look natural and effortless;  a rare talent that should be recognised by all.

More of Haines’ work can be found on her website.


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Artist: Christine Heyworth

After attending and being part of the Cloud 9 craft fair in West Yorkshire a few weeks ago, I met the lovely Christine Heyworth and was delighted to view her beautifully delicate work. I must say that Christine was extremely friendly and was happy to talk about and show me her work. The primary media she uses is acrylic, but sometimes watercolour and oil can be found among her pieces.

The main inspirations of the environment and nature are clear in Heyworth’s paintings, with the vibrancy and colour bringing a new sense of life to the subjects in her work. Currently working as a soft furnishing designer, Heyworth keeps up with her artwork in her spare time using both photographic reference and her imagination.

More of Heyworth’s work can be viewed on her website or Facebook page.


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Contemporary Artist: Louise McNaught


Contemporary artist, Louise McNaught uses nature and animals as her primary source for inspiration and says her degree in Fine Art at the University of Greenwich (2012) helped her achieve what she does today. It is so reassuring to hear this as an undergraduate student and budding artist myself!

The use of vibrant colour created by using neon and metallic paints gives a sense of uniqueness and life to her paintings, although even McNaught’s delicate use of pencil brings this sense of depth also. There is something mesmerising about her work and how she portrays nature as a powerful force, emphasing their beauty. I also love the way the artist uses a variety of materials to paint on which gives her pieces a certain edge.

More of McNaught’s work can be viewed on her Facebook page and Website.


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Illustrator: Matt Chamberlain




Matt Chamberlain is a University student studying contemporary art and illustration in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. Since I am on the same course as Matt at University, I must say how amazing it has been to see his work progress over the years! His skills in mark making and detail are truly unique, using fine liners as his primary choice of media. Main influences include Dan Mumford and Paul Jackson which is clear to see from the detail in his work. See more of Chamberlain’s work here and on Etsy.


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Artist: Sharon Tiernan

Sharon Tiernan4



Being able to return home for part of the summer after another year of University (for me home is Bridlington, East Yorkshire) has enabled me to explore art along the coast of England. Passing by a local art gallery I noticed these wonderful works of art by Sharon Tiernan. Born in Scarborough, it was lovely to see some genuine local talent! The vibrancy of her paintings bring the subjects to life. Tiernan pays attention to detail to create the tones and textures in each piece. Passion is clearly seen in all of her works of art as she tries to make them as realistic as possible, “It is essential for me when acquainting myself with a subject, to aim for accuracy and realism within my work”- Tiernan.

Tiernan studied at the Univeristy of York and gained a Masters in Painting at the University of Hull, therefore it is clear that her skill has been acquired through many years of patience and practice. I took it upon myself to contact the artist directly to gain a better insight into her inspirations and personal background.

Her response can be seen on my personal blog at:

Why not check out the local art scene in your own area? You might be pleasantly surprised at the talent you find, just like I was!



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