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Su Blackwell Su Blackwell


Su Blackwell Su Blackwell

Su Blackwell


Su Blackwell

Su Blackwell is an artist who works mainly in paper, she has illustrated books such as “The Fairytale Princess” by Wendy Jones, designed art fabric for Liberty London and contributed to columns in magazines such as Harpers Bazaar. Alongside art direction and theatre set design. Inspired by fairytales her work has a beautiful romance to it, that is just beautiful to look at. The designs look so delicate and interesting.

Too see more of Su Blackwell’s work visit her website  and blog

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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: George Bletsis



















George Bletsis provided this week’s stunning Adventure Time cover, so he gets Comics Illustrator of the Week honors! Bletsis brings his carefully constructed drawings to life with rich, bold colors and seems to have a real knack for field of depth & space in his work. Working and living in Southern England as a freelance illustrator for print media and as an artist for the film/video game industry, Bletsis has collected quite an impressive list of clients thus far including Jamie Oliver, BBC, Penguin, and The Royal Academy of Dance, to name a few.

You can find more art by George Bletsis, including some pages of his own comic strip, on his blog here.

For more comics related art, you can follow me on my website – Andy Yates

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Increase Your Illustration Income with Tostadora

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.39.00 AM

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Artists, illustrators, and graphic designers at some point will have to make one very important decision regarding how they want to earn a living! Preferably this decision is made early in their career so as to guide them in making the most of their natural talent and hard work.

The 2 choices available are:

1. To either to work within a highly targeted and profitable niche and cash-in on the successful projects that they are able to land.


2. To create a constant, but small, cash flow of revenues from royalties and other commission based sources.

Both will require dedication and the right direction to make a decent living, much like any career in the fine arts.

For the first options, in the early career of an illustrator luck may be an influential factor, however building a reputable portfolio, having the right connections, as well as working with well known brands/agents will be vital for a successful career. In general, this is seen as a risky option as illustrators are forced to survive from pay-check to pay-check before landing a full-time job and a earning steady income.

The second option has seen tremendous growth and support within the past few years, from which some of the most talented illustrators have created a name for themselves, such as Olipop (Spain) known for his iconic designs of TV series and Movies or Patrol (France) with his original caricatures of famous personalities with a hilarious twist.

By simply showcasing their designs on a number of stock illustrations, print on demand sites, such as Tostadora, and other similar sites, suchlike artists have not only reached millions every year but also have the advantage of international exposure through these international marketplaces. The most popular factor in this second option is the fact that even when the designers are asleep, working on their next big project, or having a Mojito at the beach, their designs are constantly selling! 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Simply having the designs on these print on demand sites, designers are earning a constant revenue stream and rewarded for each new design created and made available for purchase.

With up to 5 designers a week being showcased weekly across Tostadora’s international platform, you can already start earning by setting up a store for free with Tostadora.

Tostadora is an online platform for designers and illustrations to showcase their designs and illustrations, through which they will receive the exposure and royalties they deserve. By actively supporting and promoting their artists, designers with Tostadora are able to increase visibility of their designs and have an international platform to showcase their designs

With several incentives already in place, such as their Designer of the week, where up to 5 designers have the opportunity to reach a specific and dedicated target audience, along with active social promotions and competitions, Tostadora receives a huge amount of visitors month by month across their 5 websites without designers having to worry about promoting their artwork themselves or about logistics.

Tostadora aims to be THE international marketplace for designers looking for international exposure. Artists are encouraged to promote their work on the site, but receive a significant boost to their reach through the platform’s own social reach.

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Livy Long


Livy Long is an illustrator at Hallmark Cards. Her work fuses handmade elements with a refined & clean design approach. The subject matters of her work ranges from animals and characters to hand lettered quotes and botanical details. Her use of limited, but bright color palettes add to her unique style.
Connect with Livy on Instagram or Tumblr.

Post written by Bryna Shields.

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Illustrator: Lesley Buckingham

small salmon







I came across the lovely work of Lesley Buckingham through the Central Illustration Agency and was immediately drawn to her loose watercolour illustrations of various natural forms. These delicate pieces appear effortless to the untrained eye although it is clear the amount of effort and talent needed to create these unique illustrations. After seeing Buckingham’s work I was intrigued to know more about her individual practice and so contacted the artist directly. Here is her response when asked about her inspirations and techniques she uses to create her work:

‘I trained in textiles , specialising in embroidery ( which I still do , look up Betty Bib, I make fairies and embroidered pictures ! ) Because my work at college was very illustrative I found myself on leaving , working as a freelancer in both fields – not always easy to produce and market two different types of work – sometimes I have managed to bring the two together as when I wrote and illustrated my Betty Bib fairy books and included both painted and 3-D textile figures in them. More recently I have been showing my much bolder and simpler style of painting through the CIA website … This began with work that I made on holiday and in sketch books ‘playing around ‘, but that I realised had a wider and more commercial appeal than the fairy images and I am currently enjoying working in this style for magazines and some advertising projects. I love the variety of it all !’

More of Buckingham’s work can be found on the Central Illustration Agency website.


Thanks for reading,







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SOFT by Allan McInnes


Submitted by Allan McInnes for the Illustration Friday topic SOFT.

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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: Dan Mora















I’m so impressed with artist Dan Mora’s work on Michael Alan Nelson’s Hexed, that I had to share a sampling of it here with all of you! The little bit that I can find out about Dan Mora on the web is that he lives in Costa Rica, he’s done graphic design work & many illustrations for numerous print/online publications, and loads of concept art/character design work, as well. In it’s previous incarnation, Hexed introduced the great artist Emma Rios to the world, and now it’s Dan Mora’s turn to find legions of new fans.

Hexed, published by Boom Studios, is up to issue 9 now; it will be interesting to see if Mora sticks with that series a while longer or if one of the “Big 2″ scoops him up. Either way, I’ll be following for the good arts!

You can find more of Mora’s artwork, and see many revealing artist process posts, on his “Behance” site here.

For more comics related art, you can follow me on my website – Andy Yates

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Pick of the Week for WARRIOR and This Week’s Topic



Happy Illustration Friday!

We’re excited to announce this week’s topic, but first please enjoy the illustration above by Zsalto, our Pick of the Week for last week’s topic of WARRIOR. Thanks to everyone else for participating. We hope it was inspiring!

You can also see a gallery of all the other entries here.

And of course, you can now participate in this week’s topic:


Here’s how:

Step 1: Illustrate your interpretation of the current week’s topic (always viewable on the homepage).

Step 2: Post your image onto your blog / flickr / facebook, etc.

Step 3: Come back to Illustration Friday and submit your illustration (see big “Submit your illustration” button on the homepage).

Step 4: Your illustration will then be added to the participant gallery where it will be viewable along with everyone else’s from the IF community!

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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: Chris Samnee


fiveandthree_nightcrawler1_cover_1Wolverine 2015_zpsbr6rgkl9


ShadowYO01-Cov-Samnee_zps081fdbacHarley amp Joker_zps9z3eiqeq

GoT Arya amp the Hound_zpsiysac7gnDaredevil-36-cover


HB Hero cover_zps5qdu269f








A couple years ago, Chris Samnee was in the unenviable position of having to replace artists Paolo Rivera & Marcos Martin on Marvel’s Daredevil, as regular series artist. Now, 40, or so issues later, that memorable run on Daredevil(which is still going) will now be remembered by most folks as the “classic Samnee/Waid Daredevil run” thanks to Samnee stepping up to the plate artistically! Chris’ stunning visuals match Waid’s character driven scripts perfectly! Studying the great comics artists he grew up with in the 1980’s, and working hard at his craft since he was a kid(he got his first professional comics gig when he was just 15!), Samnee has become one of the most respected artists working in comics, today.

Chris Samnee won an Eisner Award for Best Penciller/Inker for his work on the The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom, and a Harvey Award for Most Promising Newcomer for 2011’s Capote in Kansas, published by ONI Press.

You can follow the steady stream of updated Chris Samnee art on his website here.

For more comics related art, you can follow me on my website – Andy Yates

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Multidisciplinary Submission :: Sticky Monster Lab

By Chloe





Sticky Monster Lab is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Korea. They cover various mediums from illustration to motion graphics, graphic design to product design. This wide spectrum helps make their work so unique and dynamic. Sticky Monster Lab have great wit and attention to detail which has allowed them to collaborate with Nike, Nissan and MTV.
If you’d like to see more work from Sticky Monster Lab, please visit their portfolio.

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