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Simply Illustrator Joe Baglow.

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Artist :: Jonathan Bartlett

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Jonathan Bartlett isn’t just an incredibly talented artist, he’s also a fantastic storyteller. His work has a nostalgic feel reminiscent of Norman Rockwell, but his subject matter is very contemporary and always delivered with a deeply thought-provoking point of view. This juxtaposition of golden-age type imagery and modern day content make his work truly special; It’s as moving & meaningful as it is beautiful, and really what great illustration is all about.

Jonathan’s worked with a long list and wide variety of clients across editorial, advertising & book markets. Most notably was his recent collaboration with Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply to illustrate a full-building exterior mural for their flagship store (shown above) as well as window displays and other assets to promote the brand. His work has been recognized by Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, and the Art Directors Club, among others.

It was hard to choose just a few pieces from his portfolio to share here, so definitely stop by Jonathan’s website to see more!

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Unique Cut Paper Illustrations by Maëlle Doliveux

mdoliveux_aimee mdoliveux_FamilyWealth_o mdoliveux_PaganNY_ParkingTrickster1 mdoliveux_Funeral

For more of this gorgeous work go HERE>>

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Editorial Submission :: Angela Rizza

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Angela Rizza is a freelance illustrator currently living and working in New York. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2011 with a BFA in Illustration. Since then she has been featured in a number of magazines and shows. Her work is a combination of traditional and digital media which is reminiscent of classical storybook illustration. Besides artwork, she enjoys traveling, birdwatching and crossfit. See more of Angela’s work on her website.

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Disney Artists Paint a Tree (With Fantastic Results)

Four renowned Disney artists from Disney’s earlier days were asked to illustrate, from life, a tree. Enjoy!

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TOY by Jeremy Edelblut


Submitted by Jeremy Edelblut for the Illustration Friday topic of TOY.

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Believing You Can Make an Amazing Creative Portfolio

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 9.31.27 PM

Just another day at the art desk I hear you say, starting your sunday with a chipper smile and creative heart filled with enthusiasm you believe today is going to be great. That is however until you sit down to start working on that creative portfolio you aspire to make. Suddenly you’re faced with an extremely sweaty brow and a blank canvas that’s been sitting there for the best part of an hour.

You may start to hear a small voice quoting in the back of your head how you can do this!”. However this then propels into a downward swirl beating yourself up over your lack of progress, whilst creating a rather larger  pile of screwed up sketchbook pages behind you. In all you just don’t know where to start and have an idea of a project’s “end” with no “beginning”.

Generating ideas for portfolio pieces can be tough if you don’t plan and prepare in advance what you aim to create.  Every creative person I believe though has the potential to create some amazing self-initiated projects to really blow the socks off those creative directors and get that commission.  If that’s what you wanna do then here’s a few ways to help reel back your line to the beginning and get started creating amazing portfolio pieces that will help promote what you can do!

1.  Understand what kind of work you want to be doing : Think about the kind of work you want to produce whether children’s book illustration , portrait photography , commercial design and more. By knowing where you want to go creatively this will help you understand the type of work you need to create.

2. Generate project ideas around your chosen work: Now that you’ve chosen your type of work the next step is to generate your own project idea. For example this could be illustrating a page from your favourite children’s book if your aim is a children’s illustration. Create a pattern design collection if your aim is to work within commercial product, licensing and more.

3. Hone your skills and think outside the box : No doubt you’ll have your collection of favoured art materials that you turn to when you create a piece. However be sure to hone your skills will other materials , softwares and processes to as this will help show how versatile you can create pieces and how diverse they can be. Last but not least though think outside the box, take inspiration from other creative is one thing but then take a little inspiration from it and create something unique to you.

Image by Matt Adrian you can find out more about his work here.


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Illustrator: Asher Jay

Bestrewn2  InHindsight-AsherJay InTatters-AsherJay   TakePride-AsherJay


Born in India but mixed descent raised by the world,  Asher Jay creative conservationist and animal activist, uses graphic imagery to portray her passion for nature and campaigns against various issues such as wildlife trafficking, habitat loss and many other global issues concerning wildlife.

It can easily be said how strong Jay’s influence is to the general public through her campaign art which causes the viewer to gain a true perspective of what is happening around the world. Personally I found her Ted Talk truly inspiring which you can view here, and from direct contact I found Jay to be an extremely passionate individual with a desire for change.

More of Jay’s work can be found on her website.


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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: David Petersen

Mouse Guard Black Axe 001 Covermarvel cantina cover














David Petersen Mouse Guard Players Handbooktumblr_nak5httO5Z1t0tuxjo8_1280




When David Petersen’s Mouse Guard hit comic store shelves in 2006, I remember thinking, in my very jaded, pessimistic way,“oh, there’s another furry animal gimmick book that probably won’t last more than a couple issues..”. So, now 8+ years later, and multiple volumes of Mouse Guard stories later, I realize how terribly wrong I was. David Petersen has proven that his little creator-owned book had the perseverance to make it against all odds, just like his little furry protagonists! Petersen accomplishes bringing a classic illustrated storybook aesthetic to his comics. His background in printmaking has helped him develop this style.

In addition to Mouse Guard, Petersen has done numerous cover illustrations, and poster art for big name clients like Marvel Comics, IDW, and Mondo posters.

David Petersen earned his degree in Fine Arts from Eastern Michigan University, after a short stint in community college.

You can see up to date news, and the latest artwork on David Petersen’s blog here.

For more comics related art, you can follow me on my website - Andy Yates

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The Creative Carnival


The Creative Carnival is a yearly event sponsored by Workbook that brings artists and creatives together over food, drink and of course, art. During the evening, one of the main attractions is artists drawing from live models who, with their makeup and costumes add to the overall Carnival feel. It’s fascinating to observe how each artist “sees” their subject. Once drawings are completed they are available for purchase. The proceeds are donated to The Workbook Scholarship Fund which awards scholarships to deserving students.
[Illustrations by Yevgenia Nayberg]

cc_art_72dpi cc_art_betza.greg_72dpi cc_blasutta.mary.lynn-72dpi cc9516

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