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Artist: Johanna Uhrman: Helsinki Meets Tokyo

Posted by Angie Brown

Johanna Uhrman: Helsinki Meets Tokyo << Illustration Friday

Johanna Uhrman is Jonnakonna, an illustrator and artist from Finland. She has lived and studied in Tokyo and its influence shows in her work, in both subject matter and style. She currently works at Piñata, an illustration/animation studio in Helsinki.

Much of her work has an eerie and ethereal feel to it, and I love the way she effortlessly blends two very different cultures. See more of her work on her website | blog | Facebook.

Posted by Angie Brown on 03/28/13 under Angie,animation,artists,conceptual
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Artist :: Charles Huettner

Post by Wendy

Charles Huettner is an animator and illustrator working out of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Late Night Work Club, a group of animators working on their own independent short fim collaboration. The first of these films, Ghost Stories, is due out later this spring!

Tumblr  | Society6  | Vimeo | Late Night Work Club

Posted by Wendy Schiller on 03/06/13 under animation,artists,Authors,cartoon,digital,freelance,Wendy
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Artist :: Emiliano Ponzi

What a beautiful animation that artist Emiliano Ponzi worked on for Amnesty International with animation studio wearecaptive. So elegant and simple. Be sure to watch it! Have you tried animation yourself? Incidentally, there is a new animation category on the IF submissions. So if you do animation for your interpretation of any topic, be sure to tag it so we can see it.

Here is some more of Ponzi’s lovely work:

Artist :: Emiliano Ponzi << Illustration Friday

Artist :: Emiliano Ponzi << Illustration Friday

Artist :: Emiliano Ponzi << Illustration Friday

Emiliano Ponzi is based in Milan, Italy. His bold textured illustrations use repetition, a judicious use of line and strong graphic compositions to define and communicate the concept at hand. His illustrations appear in advertising, magazines, book, newspapers and animations. His clients include The New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker, The Boston Globe, Time, The Economist, and Newsweek.

See more of his striking work on his website.

Posted by penelope on 02/18/13 under animation,artists,conceptual
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Animation by Pia Bramley

I love simple animations like this one by London-based illustrator Pia Bramley. See more lovely work by her here. Be sure to look around her site — it’s full of great drawings!

(From our “Curate for Illustration Friday” Pinterest board. Pinned by Sarah Fritsche. If you’d like to curate for IF, send me – Penelope – an email with your Pinterest name. I’ll send you an invite!)

Posted by penelope on 11/27/12 under animation
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Tony Riff video

itdrewitself just released a video of london illustrator Tony Riff drawing at their north london studio. Pretty cool. It’s always fun to watch a talented illustrator work in real time.

Tony Riff from itdrewitself on Vimeo.

Posted by admin on 02/03/11 under animation,artists
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Theory of Connectivity

Fellow IF blogger and fantastic illustrator Amanda Woodward recently posted this on her blog. Thought it should be shared!

Stop Motion Digital Magazine Cover from Adam Voorhes on Vimeo.

Posted by admin on 02/01/11 under animation
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Sita Sings Free

Back in January we mentioned Nina Paley’s astonishing Sita Sings the Blues, an animated and musical tragicomedy with Indian roots and a 20′s jazz soundtrack.

It’s more than worth a mention that since last month, the released film has been available under the terms of a Creative Commons Share-Alike license. In short, as Paley writes, “You don’t need my permission to copy, share, publish, archive, show, sell, broadcast, or remix Sita Sings the Blues.”

Or to download and watch it. So grab a 1080p full cut, and remix Sita into something else awesome!

Posted by admin on 03/21/09 under animation,cartoon,celebrate
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I love this video we received in the inbox this week:

“Atlantic recording group Death Cab for Cutie has unveiled a must-see new video for “Grapevine Fires,” one of the stand-out tracks on their RIAA gold certified Grammy nominated “NARROW STAIRS.” The animated clip, directed by Walter Robot, a.k.a. the team of multimedia artist Bill Barminski and writer Christopher Louie can be viewed below.

“Grapevine Fires” was initially inspired by DCFC vocalist/guitarist Ben Gibbard’s up-close-and-personal encounter with 2007′s California wildfires. The song – which was recently included on “CHANGE IS NOW: RESTORING AMERICA’S PROMISE,” the official commemorative CD-DVD set celebrating President Barack Obama’s historic inauguration – motivated Walter Robot to create an animated short film which brilliantly relays the sense of devastating tragedy and forced optimism caused by the fire’s wrath.”

The fires deeply affected us here at (we’re in the San Bernardino Mountain Range, and were under an evacuation order for two weeks, watching the smoke and the red sky). It is so healing to see amazing art growing from the ashes of these events.

Posted by admin on 03/13/09 under animation,artists
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Benjamin Goldman

I have no idea what made me think of it, but lolling in my bathtub this morning, I found myself rolling the end title credits of the movie “Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events” through my head. In my humble opinion, the title credits were the best thing about the movie. I Googled it as soon as I got out of the tub (someday, technology will catch up with me and I’ll be able to do that safely from underwater, but for now, I do recommend apres bathtub Googling) and found the lead animator, layout artist, and technical director Benjamin Goldman which lead me to this rather uninspired site (well, it IS under construction apparently so we will give him the benefit of the doubt): 

there’s a few other pretty chew nuggets of animated goodness on there too.

Posted by admin on 09/18/08 under animation,artists,cartoon,video

Cartoon Brew TV

The fine folks over at Cartoon Brew have just launched a new and exciting service called Cartoon Brew TV. Read the details and watch the first installment now!

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Posted by admin on 09/16/08 under animation,cartoon,video
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