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Illustrator Victoria Topping


It’s always refreshing to find an Illustrator who takes such a bold approach to their work as Victoria Topping, and the result is a continually evolving body of work that always holds plenty of surprises for the viewer.

Victoria Topping Website >>

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Illustrator Susan Meyer


Susan Meyer Website >>

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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: Cameron Stewart



Catwoman Wild RideSeaguy_Issue_1











Change can take a long time to happen. The mainstream comics market is no exception, but there have been some recent encouraging signs. Case in point, the newly redesigned, Doc Marten/iPhone sporting Batgirl by forward thinking creator Cameron Stewart, who co-writes, and sketches story breakdowns for the series. Stewart, a Canadian native, has been drawing comics for over a decade, and has worked with some of the most celebrated comics writers out there, including Grant Morrison, Ed Brubaker, and Jason Aaron.

In addition to the monthly Batgirl, he’s currently working on a comics sequel to Fight Club with writer Chuck Palahniuk, which he’s described as a dream project to be a part of.

Cameron Stewart won both an Eisner(2010) & Shuster(2009) award for his web comic Sin Titulo. You can find a lot more artwork to drool over at his website here.

For more comics related art, you can follow me on my website - Andy Yates

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Illustrator Katie Daisy


Katie Daisy Website >>

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The Detailed Illustrations of Mattias Adolfsson



Not every Illustrator has the temperament required to create such detailed drawings like the one above, but Mattias Adolfsson seems to excel in this type of work.

Mattias Adolfsson Website >>

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Ink Transfer Illustrations by Scott Laumann



Scott Laumann’s beautifully simple yet evocative Illustrations capture me completely.  Find out more about his unique process here.

Scott Laumann Website >>

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