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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: Andrew Robinson




dusty star detail

geek cover final with ring


5th beatle final cover1a


poisonivy harlequin print progression

king conan cover 4 final149293-103441-andrew-robinson


After serving his country in Desert Storm, artist Andrew Robinson attended The Savannah College of Art and Design in the early 90’s. He bounced around the south-eastern states for a while before settling on the west coast in sunny Pasadena, CA. His early comics work first appeared in popular anthologies such as Dark Horse Presents, and Negative Burn.

In the late 90’s he created the critically acclaimed independent comic, Dusty Star, and started to get high profile cover work for DC Comics on titles such as Hawkman, and Starman.

He’s had a resurgence in his comics work of late, with a multitude of new cover illustrations in recent years for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse, just to name a few. In addition to that, he illustrated the fully painted, award winning graphic novel, The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story, which is set to be a major motion picture, soon.

To keep up with the latest news, and artwork by Andrew Robinson, you can go to his blog here.

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Editorial Submission :: Mindy Carpenter

Post by Natalie

Inspire_web  Still-Life-with-Pie_web



Mindy Carpenter is a painter originally from Victoria, BC and now living in Ashland, Oregon. She worked in the gift and stationery industry for over 15 years and one year ago started her own greeting card company, Carpe Diem Paper, featuring her original paintings. Her happy and nostalgic work includes images from her childhood and objects she has collected over the years including vintage typewriters, trophies, quirky chairs, and funny animals in clothing. She also has a deep connection to the ocean and her paintings are often inspired by nautical subjects and aquatic life. 

See more of Mindy’s work on her website.

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Julia Denos: Fashion & Children’s Illustrator

Post by Heather Ryerson

Julia Denos

Julia Denos

Julia Denos

Julia Denos

Julia Denos

Julia Denos’ loose, colorful illustrations are sure to make girls everywhere ooh and ah. Her quick lines and saturated colors say a lot with a little and her playful evocation of texture and pattern is pitch perfect for children’s fashion. She has illustrated numerous picture books for girls like I Had A Favorite Dress, Just Being Audrey, and Grandma’s Gloves. Candlewick Press, HarperCollins, Penguin, RandomHouse, Scholastic, and Highlights are amongst her many clients.

See more of her work on her website.

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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: Toni Fejzula





05 Patio castillo vista frontal




chtulhu 8 portada03 Cluny fest 2004


Serbian born artist Toni Fejzula has worked on many comics, and illustration projects in, and around his current residence of Spain. The new Dark Horse Comics series, Veil, has finally brought him to the attention of American comics fans. His artwork, with it’s unique coloring style, perfectly fits the moody atmosphere of Greg Rucka’s story.

Fejzula has contributed covers to Cthulhu, created the science-fiction album ‘Central Zéro’ at Soleil Productions, and co-created the series ‘Nephilim’ at Delcourt.

Toni Fejzula news, new project updates, and more of his awesome art can be found on his on his facebook page.

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Hint Mint Illustrations by Audrey Kawasaki


Audrey Kawasaki Website:

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Artist: João Ruas

Article by Oli Rogers










Just as geologists observe minutiae within rock strata and so deduce the conditions extant during their formation, so too will future generations of illustrologists be able to sift through banks of images and draw conclusions from their compacted layers. And thusly it is that traces of naively-drawn bears, owls, and deer; nostalgia-addled mid-century aesthetics; characters bespattered with tattoos and sporting large volumes of facial hair; and a preponderance of stuff inside equilateral triangles is what will be seen to comprise the petrified illustrative sediment of the early Twentieth Century.

And yet amongst the accreted layers of silt there’s something wholly less prosaic to be found – indeed, something that is literally otherworldly. That thing is cosmic dust. No one can say for sure whence this star-stuff comes – beyond a vague suggestion that it has voyaged across unfathomably vast gulfs of space and time before becoming sandwiched between layers of pond scum – but one thing is for sure, and that’s that it really couldn’t have less to do with conditions here on Planet Earth. And, once again, it is just so in the fictitious field of illustrology: at times an artist is encountered that seems to have so little in common with the prevailing milieu that they might just as well have come from a different world entirely. Such an artist is João Ruas.

The singular nature of this artist’s work is immediately recognisable. Rendered largely in brooding monochrome with judiciously-applied flashes of colour or gilding, his paintings have more than a little about them of the cartoons of da Vinci – were the Renaissance polymath to take to illustrating hallucinations of the relics of some long-vanished culture, that is. To view Ruas’s portfolio is to witness a parade of sinuous and melancholy figures amidst bones and masks and fantastic costumes, and attended by a menagerie of the baleful and the feral. His animals are creatures out of myth described in the language of dream, and as far from the prevailing tweeness of their contemporaries as is a wolf from a Chihuahua. Amongst other places, this mythical aesthetic has found its perfect application in the celebrated covers that Ruas has produced for the Fables series from Vertigo Comics (see the latter pair of images here).

Those who want to see more would be well advised to conduct an image search, as Ruas’s dedicated sector of cyberspace contains only a tiny fraction of the multitudes of his captivating (and at times NSFW) images that are to be found around the web. They may be scintillae within the strata, but they’re also a reminder that somewhere out there there’s stardust to be found.




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Pick of the Week for REPEAT and This Week’s Topic


Happy Friday!

We’re excited to announce this week’s topic, but first please enjoy the illustration above by Lucas P, our Pick of the Week for last week’s topic of ‘REPEAT’. You can also see a gallery of all the other inspiring entries here.

And of course, you can now participate in this week’s topic:


Here’s how:

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Step 4: Your illustration will then be added to the participant gallery where it will be viewable along with everyone else’s from the IF community!

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Sketching out your creative dream


We all have dreams and aspirations they grow within us from any age, from the time we’re two years old and scribbling on any blank piece of paper in sight to the years in university when your dreaming up a life of bigger things you want to do and places you may want to go. Although as time goes by sometimes unless you’re extremely determined you can feel swayed or lose sight of the things you dreamed of and that’s why you need to grab a pen and sketch them out.

Sketching out your dreams keeps them in sight, gives you a reference to go back to when you’re feeling a tad lost in your aspirations or feel your not sure where you’re going. So here are 5 steps to sketching out your own creative dream for 2014.

1.  Grab a huge piece of paper or wallpaper roll across the floor , a couple of pens and your inspiration and start doodling and jotting out your aspirations and future plans.

2 .  Break them down with someone who motivates you the little steps you need to do to work towards those dreams ( They don’t seem so far away when the two of you narrow them down into tiny steps).

3.  Start paving roots and pathways to begin implementing your plans .

4.  Meet new people and make connections with those who might help you on your way to where you want to be :).

5. Block out those niggling negative thoughts and “I can’t do this”, stay positive if something doesn’t work out brush yourself down and keep going as being self motivated is key and the effort you put in is sure to pay off.

Image by Designer  Alyssa Nassner you can find more about her and her designs “here”.


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Illustrator Helen Musselwhite





Helen Musselwhite works with paper creating models and sets, she cuts all the pieces by hand creating multi-layed designs.  Her clients include Audi, McDonalds and Nokia amongst many.  Her influences include; The British countryside, William Morris and 1970’s textile design. Helen Musselwhite is represented by the U.K based illustration agency handsome frank.

To see more of Helen Musselwhite’s lovely work visit her website and flickr.

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