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NEFARIOUS by Matthew Daley


Submitted by Matthew Daley for the Illustration Friday topic of NEFARIOUS.

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Astound US – A New Kind of Illustration Agency


Last year saw the launch of Astound US. Billed as “a new kind of Illustration Agency” based in New York City right opposite Macys in the heart of publishing land! Their mission statement is ‘We aim high – to Astound – by being the Agency with the best in contemporary kids illustrators and commercial art from around the world.’

ALB0007 Alice Brereton Floating LRG

They have 3 agents, Vince, Helen and Emily they all come from different backgrounds but share the same passion for illustration. Helen’s experience is in children’s book and picture book development, as well as the world of non-profits. Emily comes from a background in Art History and Fashion Design. Vince is an acclaimed illustrator in his own right now on the other side of the table.

WT0024 Wouter Tulp Bremen1

“We have a true passion for finding fresh talent, matching the right illustrators with the right clients, we Astound by being good at what we do, snappy, can-do, enthusiastic, talented, creative, and affordable. We promise our artists career advancement with the right clients, regular creative guidance, strong administrative support, and to get paid right on time.” says Vincent “We have had great success with illustration Friday and hope to be supporting them as they expand.”

AT0007 Amit Tayal 5603041_orig AA0005 Aurora Avion  girls in Paris copy

Their artists include celebrity artists such as Barbara Nascimbeni, Paul Davidson, Ovi Hondru, Mariano Epelbaum, Colonel Moutarde, and Geraldine Cosneau but are always looking for new talent to join this remarkable group of children’s book and greeting card illustrators, send an email with your portfolio to!

NS0034 Natasha Shaloshvili Summer-beach

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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: Joshua Middleton














Joshua Middleton has been working in comics, book illustration, film, and animation since 1999. I first noticed his work in the critically acclaimed creator owned series Sky Between Branches back in 2002. His clean lines, and lushly painted art helped to land him a gig at Marvel, where he drew the first four issues of the mega-hit series NYX, which introduced Wolverine’s daughter, X-23. He has produced many covers, and occasionally interior art for DC Comics over the years, including this week’s special Flash variant cover for Detective Comics. He will be doing all of the artwork for two issues of Wonder Woman, coming up in April, and May.

Middleton served as a concept artist on the cult-favorite science fiction film Serenity in 2005, and was a character designer/art director on the 2009 series, Green Lantern: The Animated Series for Warner Brothers.

There’s a lot more artwork to drool over at Joshua Middleton’s website here.

For more comics related art, you can follow me on my website - Andy Yates

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INVENTION by Patrick Girouard


Submitted by Patrick Girouard for the Illustration Friday topic of INVENTION.

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INVENTION by Sayantan Halder


Submitted by Sayantan Halder for the Illustration Friday topic of INVENTION.

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Eda Akaltun

Eda Akaltun

Eda Akaltun

Eda Akaltun

Eda Akaltun

Eda Akaltun

Eda Akaltun is originally from Istanbul, she moved to London in 2003 and studied illustration at Central Saint Martins. She is inspired by 50’s fashion catalogues old family photo’s and has a love of printmaking and collage. Her clients include the New York Times, V&A Museum and BAFTA amongst many.  I think her illustrations have such a beautiful quality, I love all the bright colours and textures.

To see more of Eda Akaltun’s work visit her website and Twitter

Posted By Jessica Holden 

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Editorial Submission :: Sarah Green

Post by Natalie




Sarah Green received her degree in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and currently lives in Brooklyn. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, her bright and playful work is inspired by the children’s books she grew up reading. She enjoys playing with shape and layering, and spends most of her free time drawing lots of dogs. See more of Sarah’s work on her website.

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Submitted by Katu for the Illustration Friday topic of INVENTION.

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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: Gabriele Dell’Otto


comics secret war









Dell_Otto_03batman silouette




Just like in professional sports, comics often recruits talent from outside the U.S. Case in point, Marvel’s “gun for hire” Gabriele Dell’Otto. The Italian native started doing work for marvel’s European division in 1998. He officially began working for the core Marvel Comics line when he was brought on to draw & paint Secret War, written by mega-popular writer Brian Michael Bendis. After that, Dell’Otto produced a bunch of covers for the Annihilation crossover, and illustrated the mini-series X-Force: Sex & Violence.

Currently, Gabriele Dell’Otto is one of Marvel’s top artists, and you can see his work on the latest issues of the Spider-Verse cross-over, and Miracleman.

Here’s a link to the Italian fan-site for Gabriele Dell’Otto, if you’d like to browse more of his great artwork.

For more comics related art, you can follow me on my website - Andy Yates

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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: Walt Kelly









Keeping things short, and sweet this week. Enjoy this art by the King of Christmas Comics, Walt Kelly.

You can check out some recent collections of Walt Kelly’s classic Pogo strips here.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

For more comics related art, you can follow me on my website - Andy Yates

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