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Free Typography class from Ellen Lupton

Design Samples from Ellen Lupton

I don’t know how long this offer lasts, but Ellen Lupton (a curator of contemporary design at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City and the director of the Graphic Design MFA program at Maryland Institute College of Art) is teaching a FREE typography class on Skillshare. Even if you can’t start the self-paced online class today, enrolling now gives you lifetime access. So, it’s a pretty great deal. Follow THIS LINK to check it out.

Posted by rama on 11/29/13 under artists
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Editorial Submission :: Tracey English

Post by Natalie






UK illustrator Tracey English started out as a textile designer and silk painter and then progressed into illustration work. She has illustrated greeting cards, educational books and children’s books. Her style has developed by combining hand drawn elements with collage, texture and digital work. Recently, she has been creating colorful collage images with tissue paper.

See more work of Tracey’s work on her website.

Posted by Natalie on 11/26/13 under artists,editorial submissions

Chip Kidd is teaching book design on Skillshare!

Chip Kidd on Skillshare

Chip Kidd (yeah, THAT CHIP KIDD!) is using SkillShare to offer an online book design class. All of Skillshare’s classes are extremely affordable, but this $19 one looks especially worthwhile, and – if you follow THIS LINK – you can get $10 off your first class (not to mention, full disclosure, the credits that you can receive for referring YOUR friends). Check it out. I think you’ll be as excited as I am.

P.s., I am not a robot.

Posted by rama on 11/13/13 under artists
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Editorial Submission :: Laura Wood

Post by Natalie




Laura Wood is an Italian illustrator currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

Last year she completed a Diploma of Illustration and she now happily works as a full-time freelancer. Combining both digital and traditional dry media, she creates colorful, childlike pictures with a sunny style and a folksy feeling.

See more of Laura’s work on her website.


Posted by Natalie on 11/12/13 under artists,editorial submissions
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Animator :: Justin Mezzell



By Wendy



Justin Mezzell animates. But he also illustrates.mezzell3

mezzell6 mezzell5 mezzell4 mezzell2 mezzell1



You Should check out his equally phenomenal portfolio as well as other sites: Pinterest | Tumblr | Twitter

Posted by Wendy Schiller on 11/04/13 under animation,artists,design,digital,freelance,Wendy
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Editorial Submission :: Julian De Narvaez

Post by Natalie




Julian De Narvaez is a freelance illustrator from Bogotá Colombia, South America.
He earned a degree in Graphic Design from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá, and then started a new chapter as an illustrator. He developed his own visual language, which he sees as a bridge between traditional illustration and contemporary graphics. His philosophy when approaching a challenge is that no matter what the project, there is always room to give it a unique character. In addition to graphic design and illustration, he has also studied web development, media and technologies for artistic production, intaglio and other printing techniques.

See more of Julian’s work on his website.

Posted by Natalie on 10/29/13 under artists,editorial submissions
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ARTIST :: Marta Spendowska

Posted by Jeanine




Marta Spendowska is an illustrator, licensed surface pattern designer, and web & print designer. She paints primarily on paper , building up layers of color into an intermingling shapes—which she calls “watercolor vanity”, and which has gorgeous results. I’m especially drawn to her fashion portraits, as she captures an exciting energy through color & line while also often conveying a beautiful melancholy in the expression of her subjects.

Her portfolio includes work for ad agencies and magazines in food, beauty & fashion markets.

See more of  Marta’s colorful work here: Website | Blog

Posted by Jeanine Henderson on 10/28/13 under artists,Jeanine
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Lisa Congden vs. Cody Foster and how you can help

lisacongdon vs. codyfoster

Lisa Congden (one of your favorite illustrators!) recently discovered that her artwork was used without permission by the wholesale company Cody Foster. HERE is Lisa’s post about the experience and how she plans to handle it. You can help!

Posted by rama on 10/16/13 under artists
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Editorial Submission :: Haydn Symons

Post by Natalie




Haydn Symons is an illustrator and designer from Hampshire, UK. He has worked with editorial, book cover, typography and illustrated map projects. He mainly works with gouache in a clean and contemporary style. Within his studio you can find him painting, sketching, and constantly practicing his craft. Away from commissioned work, he is always experimenting within his many sketchbooks to find new ways of working.

See more of Haydn’s work on his website.


Posted by Natalie on 10/15/13 under artists,editorial submissions
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Artist :: Caroline Hadilaksono

by Wendy

hadilaksono1 hadilaksono2 hadilaksono3



Caroline Hadilaksono is an artist living in New York City. She has a keen eye for design, and a love of baking. He work is incredibly colorful and playful, no matter the subject. Check out more of her work here:   Portfolio | Facebook | Twitter | Dribbble

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Posted by Wendy Schiller on 10/07/13 under artists
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