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Amyisla McCombie – Fun Textures and Colors!

Post by Alice Palace

Amyisla Mccombie is freelance illustrator (and set designer) who thinks it’s very important to be around fellow creative people to bounce ideas and give inspiration. Her work is charming and colourful, and I love it all…amyisla mccombie

amyisla mccombie

amyisla mccombie << illustration friday amyisla mccombie stag

See her blog and website

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Lisa Martin – All Things Bright and Quirky

Post by Alice Palace

Lisa creates illustrations and surface pattern designs which are inspired by all things bright and quirky, and her work includes a range of whimsy creatures…Lisa Martin << Illustration Friday

Lisa Martin << Illustration Friday

Lisa - banner

See her website

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Claire Desjardins :: BIG Color!

Post by Alice Palace

Claire Desjardins has a love of painting!  Her personal mantra is that each of us is the maker of our own destiny, and her bold, colourful work exudes this energy…

Clair Desjardines << Illustration Friday


Clair Desjardines << Illustration Friday

See her website

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Illustration from Betania Zacarias

Post by Alice Palace

Betania Zacarias is an illustrator and graphic designer born in Argentina.  She studied at the University of Buenos Aires, where she also taught morphology before she devoted herself fully to illustration…

Betania Zacarias illustration friday3

Betania Zacarias illustration friday

Betania Zacarias illustration friday2

See Betania’s blog

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Illustrator Marie Debsons

Post by Alice Palace

Marie Debsons is a french illustrator with some VERY charming illustrations…

Marie Desbons << illustration friday

Marie Desbons << Illustration Friday Marie Desbons <<  illustration friday

LOTS of colour for brightening up your day!

See her blog

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Marika Maijala :: a Finnish illustrator and graphic designer

Post by Alice Palace

Loving Marika Maijala’s wonderful characters…

Marika Maijala illustration friday 2Marika Maijala illustration friday 3Marika Maijala illustration friday

See her blog and work

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Brian Wildsmith :: lives for colour

Post by Alice Palace

Brian Wildsmith believes that beautiful picture books are vitally important in subconsciously forming a child’s visual appreciation, which will bear fruit in later life – and that children really do appreciate details as well as colour… I am in LOVE with this sun illustration and would like to look at it every morning!

Brian Wildsmith << Illustration Friday

He wants to help young people wonder at the world and to become close observers of the beauty and harmony in nature. With so much colour, his illustrations really sparkle with life, and I think they are just amazing!

Brian Wildsmith Illustration Friday 2

This one’s called ‘a nye of pheasants’ (a fact unknown to me!)

Brian Wildsmith Illustration Friday 3

Have a good look at his website

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VERY colourful and exciting :: Helen Dardik

Post by Alice Palace

Helen’s illustration work is a new find for me – she’s an illustrator, designer and a mother of 3 little girls on the lookout for all things fun, fresh and beautiful – and I LOVE her use of colour…

Helen Dardik Illustration Friday

Helen Dardik illustration friday 2

helen dardik illustration friday 3

Visit Helen’s very colourful website

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absolutely exquisite handmade birds :: Abigail Brown

Post by Alice Palace

The birds that Abigail makes are an absolute delight…

abigail brown << illustration friday

Abigail spent large amounts of time as a child in the company of her grandma, an incredibly talented, hardworking seamstress, in a house strewn with loose threads and scraps of fabric. There is nothing more natural to her than to work with fabric, using it to give life to the little creatures that form in her mind.

abigail brown << illustration friday 3

abigail brown << illustration friday 2

Abigail produces her birds entirely by hand, in her studio in London, England. They are crafted from both new and reused materials. Each piece is utterly unique, no two will ever be the same.  Have a look at her website

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Ashley Percival’s quirky imagination…

Post by Alice Palace

Ashley is a freelance illustrator living in the UK. He gets most of his inspiration from wildlife and nature, the rest from his quirky imagination. His illustrations of animals are well drawn, with good humour!

Ashley Percival << Illustration Friday

Ashley Percival << Illustration Friday

Ashley Percival << Illustration Friday

Have a look at his website

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