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Artist Ionut Radulescu

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Artist :: Ionut Radulescu

Artist :: Ionut Radulescu

Artist :: Ionut Radulescu

Ionut Radulescu is a Romanian artist now living in New York. He merges design, illustration, and typography seamlessy in his work to make dynamic images for fashion, editorial, advertising and books. His use of line and color evoke so much energy and passion—I had a hard time choosing favorite images to share!

Definitely stop by to check out more of his work! : Portfolio

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Artist Kelsey Garrity-Riley

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Kelsey Garrity-Riley is an illustrator raised in Germany and Belgium, and now living in in Savannah, Georgia. Her work is so very lovely and charming with sophisticated palettes, delicate line and hand-drawn lettering.

Take a look at more of her work: Portfolio | Blog

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Artist::Mel Kadel

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Artist_MelKadel_IllustrationFriday Artist_MelKadel_IllustrationFriday Artist_MelKadel_IllustrationFriday

I recently came across Mel Kadel’s work, and it’s so unique and special I can’t stop looking at it! Mel’s originally from Pennsylvania and graduated from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. She now resides in Los Angeles and uses coffee-stained paper, micron .005 pens, hand mixed ink wash, Q-tips, pencil and blades to create carefully detailed and layered drawings.

Mel’s work has shown in numerous galleries throughout the United States and abroad in London, Sydney, and Denmark. Her work has appeared in publications including The New Yorker, Juxtapoz and LA Times Magazine.

Take a look at more of Mel’s work: Portfolio | Blog



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Sweet & Whimsical Work from Artist Jen Skelley

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Artist_JenSkelley_IllustrationFriday Illustrator and designer Jen Skelley is from New Jersey and currently lives in Western Massachusetts. She earned a BFA in design from Syracuse University and began her career working as an in-house artist creating wrapping paper, cards and many other kinds of social stationery. A few years later she branched out and opened her own studio, specializing in cute whimsical illustrations of animals, flowers and birds.

Her impressive list of clients includes Galison/Mudpuppy, American Girl, Mattel, Land of Nod, and Graphique de France. She recently illustrated a nationwide campaign for Sweet’N Low and also sells screenprints of her work in her successful Etsy shop.

Check out more of Jen’s work: Portfolio | Blog



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Artist::Leanne Ellis

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Artist::Leanne Ellis>Illustration Friday

Artist::Leanne Ellis>Illustration Friday

Artist::Leanne Ellis>Illustration Friday

Leanne Ellis’ artwork is magical! Her characters are charming, whimsical, and melancholic all at once, creating a beautiful and inviting world that I instantly fell in love with! Inspired by anything vintage, her work is full of beautiful detail, rich textures, and soft muted color. Based in South Wales, she’s created an extensive line of rubber stamps for the Scottish stamp company Sugar Nellie, and has a line of bags, journals, and all kinds of other goodies exclusively for Santoro London.

See more of her gorgeous work: Portfolio | Blog

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Artist: Sarah Watts

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Artist::SarahWatts>>Illustration Friday  Artist::SarahWatts>>Illustration Friday

Artist::SarahWatts_Illustration Friday

I’ve followed Sarah Watts’ lovely work for awhile, and she just keeps doing more amazing things all the time! Her work is a beautiful combination of line, color, and pattern. She started her career creating patterns and images for Carter’s baby clothing, then at International Greetings cranking out hundreds of images and patterns for stationery, gift bags and other giftables. She then left the corporate world, using all her experience to embark on her successful career as an independent illustrator. Her images and patterns grace book covers, textiles, stationery and paper goods, and much more.

Check out more of Sarah’s work here: Portfolio | Blog

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Artist:: Lucie Rice

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Artist :: Lucie Rice << Illustration Friday Artist :: Lucie Rice << Illustration Friday 

Artist :: Lucie Rice << Illustration Friday


I fell in love with Lucie Rice’s work as soon as I saw it! A beautiful combination of both illustration and design, Lucie’s whimsical imagery is appealing to both children and adults alike. She has a special love for animals and an amazing sense of color and typography, all of which are apparent in her work. Her clients include Purina, the Grand Ole Opry, Penguin Group, and Simon & Schuster, and many more. She currently resides in Nashville, TN, with her husband and their beloved dog Lola.

View more of Lucie’s great work: Portfolio | Blog

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Artist: Julene Harrison

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Artist :: Julene Harrison << Illustration Friday

Artist :: Julene Harrison << Illustration Friday  Artist :: Julene Harrison << Illustration Friday


Julene Harrison’s elegant paper-cut illustrations are as inspiring as they are gorgeous. Originally a fashion and constructed textile designer, Julene turned to paper-cutting a few years ago, immediately catching the eye of big clients from publishers to advertising, including WIRED, Random House, Nieman Marcus and many more. Her work is primarily text based, but portraits and a broad variety of illustrations are well suited to the detail and intricacy of her lovely medium. A UK native, Julene currently is based in Chicago.

View more of Julene’s amazing work: Portfolio | Blog

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Artist :: Nan Lawson

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Artist :: Nan Lawson << Illustration Friday Artist :: Nan Lawson << Illustration Friday Artist :: Nan Lawson << Illustration Friday


How could you not fall in love with Nan Lawson’s super sweet and quirky characters! Nan owns a successful Etsy shop,, and is known for her custom portraits. Her illustrations have also appeared in magazines, on T-shirts and brand designs, and she frequently participates in group gallery shows. She lives in Los Angeles with her fiancé and two cats.

View more of Nan’s fantastic work: Portfolio | Blog

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Artist :: Steve Simpson

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Artist: Steve Simpson<<Illustration Friday

Artist: Steve Simpson<<Illustration FridayArtist: Steve Simpson<<Illustration Friday

Steve Simpson’s lush and vibrant imagery is a delightful blend of illustration, design, color, and typography. Based in Ireland, he’s an award-winning illustrator of packaging and children’s books, and considers vintage illustration & packaging to be a huge influence on his work—particularly the work of Jim Flora, Mary Blair and Ed Emberly.

Steve is always creating something new and exciting! To see more of his work visit: Portfolio | Blog


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