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Artist Anke Weckmann

Post by Sarah

Artist -- Anke Weckmann01<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Anke Weckmann02<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Anke Weckmann03<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Anke Weckmann04<< Illustration Friday

Originally from “a little town near Hannover in Germany” Anke Weckmann has been living and working as an illustrator in London for many years now. She developed a lovely, distinct yet versatile style that works in Editorial, Fashion, as Music Artwork and in Product Design (Anke illustrated the packaging of a whole product range of cosmetics and accessoires for te brand “Too Cool For School”). And besides being updated on current commissioned works you can find the very charming and funny “Learning French” comics on her blog.

I especially love the delicate balance of detail and composition, ornamental elements and coloring. There’s so much to discover and yet her works never seem overloaded.

Also fellow or future illustrators might want to do themselves a favor and check out Anke’s blogpost  on working out and staying healthy while you spend most of your career sitting at a desk.

See more of Anke’s work: Portfolio | Blog | Shop

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Jon Gray’s Typographical Book Covers

Post by Sarah

Artist -- Jon Gray01<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Jon Gray02<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Jon Gray03<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Jon Gray04<< Illustration Friday

In my career I’ve been focusing on illustration for the last years, but coming from a much broader background in graphic & communication design I am fascinated with the whole book cover designing process and the challenges it comes with.

Creating visuals that somehow represent a whole story without going the most obvious route or being too bold and simple is a skill that results in beautiful work when it’s mastered. Jonathan Gray aka Gray 318 clearly is one of the masters in this field. His mainly typographical works are always smart, thought-through and often show a dry wit. If you are a fan of Jonathan Safran Foer you might already be very aware of Jon’s fantastic cover work.

You can see a video on youtube about the extraordinary cover design of Nineteen Eighty-Four (3rd cover shown above) here.

For more work and some videos of Jon Gray here: Portfolio | Blog



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Artist :: Goñi Montes

Post by Sarah

Artist -- Goni Montes01<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Goni Montes02<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Goni Montes03<< Illustration Friday


Goñi Montes has created a delightfully organic style with flowing lines and masterfully creates highly imaginative sceneries, settings and characters that never feel staged. He often chooses a perspective that makes you a part of the work and draws you in. Selected clients include: Dwell, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Wired.Goñi also very generously shares a lot of his process on his blog for those who are interested.

Website | Blog

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Artist :: Michael Wandelmaier

Post by Sarah

Artist -- Michael Wandelmaier01<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Michael Wandelmaier02<< Illustration Friday.jpg

Artist -- Michael Wandelmaier03<< Illustration Friday.jpg

Artist -- Michael Wandelmaier04<< Illustration Friday.jpg

As some of you may have noticed I am a fan of line based illustration in particular. Another big plus for me is when illustrators add something fresh to traditional techniques. Michael Wandelmaier from Toronto, Canada checks both those boxes: His penciled and inked lines are paired with a modern touch by color choice, settings and themes. I particularly love the warmth and depth that the coloring and its texture add to his works.

His website seems somewhat new and there is not a lot of info on the blog yet (there is a mention of an “illustration hiatus”), but I highly recommend keeping an eye on his work: Portfolio

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Artist :: Michael Hirshon

Post by Sarah Palisi

Artist -- Michael Hirshon01<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Michael Hirshon02<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Michael Hirshon03<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Michael Hirshon04<< Illustration Friday

Michael Hirshon works as an illustrator and designer in Amsterdam. He expertly pairs clear lines with loose coloring and a great sense of composition. His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, 3×3, American Illustration, Creative Quarterly, CMYK, Gestalten, and the AIGA.

See more of Michael’s work and illustrated blog posts: Portfolio | Blog

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Artist :: Chuck Groenink

Post by Sarah

Artist -- Chuck Groenink01<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Chuck Groenink02<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Chuck Groenink03<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Chuck Groenink04<< Illustration Friday

Chuck Groenink illustrates books and works as an editorial illustrator. Born in the Netherlands he now lives and works in Portland, Oregon. His works are mainly directed at a younger audience, his style with an exquisite feeling for textures and colors and capturing moods surely delights a much broader audience.

See more of Chuck’s work: Portfolio | Blog

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Artist :: Angie Wang

Post by Sarah Palisi

Artist -- Angie Wang01<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Angie Wang02<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Angie Wang03<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Angie Wang04<< Illustration Friday

Angie Wang works as a cartoonist and illustrator in the editorial field in Los Angeles (previously
Portland). Matching her cheekily described entry to an artistic life – painting a “snot mural” on her child room’s wall – her style remains playful, imaginitive and uninhibited. Clients include The New Yorker, The New York Times, Hi Fructose, Nylon Magazines, Image Comics and Nobrow Magazine.

Spend some time in Angies world:  Portfolio | Blog

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