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Maya Pokemon :: Monarobot

by Wendy


tumblr_mrn4mlkPge1qbgu8ko1_r2_500 tumblr_mukvuvbv5C1qbgu8ko1_500 tumblr_myull4p2Pq1qbgu8ko1_500


Mayan interpretations of Pokemon? Out of this world. See more of the artist’s work and follow her  here:

Tumblr | Twitter

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Mixed Media :: Johan Thornqvist

by Wendy


kamerabild_1 kamerabild_2 kamerabild_3


I love mixed media, and just had to share these neat altered photographs by Johan Thornqvist! He takes the photos on the streets in Sweden, using his phone.

Follow more of his work here :

Pinterest | Portfolio

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Artist :: Ben Butcher

by Wendy

DayoftheDead fireflies Sketchtravelfinal

Ben Butcher used to be the creative director at Pixar’s consumer products department. Now he’s doing his own thing. He makes the beautiful collages out of mixed papers, sometimes for other people, sometimes not. I think they’re stunning.  Check out more of his work here: blogspot

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Studio Spotlight :: DKNG

By Wendy


black_keys_pheonix_big dmonsters_1_1 eits_nashville_big

DKNG are probably one of my favorite studios out there. They make incredible work, and design geeks like me will spend hours browsing their breakdown videos. Their work is done through a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop and hand drawn techniques. Sometimes they silkscreen. Often they sell limited edition runs of their posters, but you gotta grab ’em quick because they sell out fast.

You can stalk them like I do here: portfolio | vimeo | pinterest | twitter | facebook

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Boston Native:: Daniel Danger

by Wendy

5HDUrh n5xHih qRL2Q yvodgh

Daniel Danger makes incredible illustrations that remind me of a crisp October night, just after Halloween. His site identifies him as ” The son of a middle school art teacher married to a professional potter, Daniel was never going to be a mathematician or claims adjuster for a top rated insurance agency.” And he’s from Boston! My city!


See more of his work  or drop him a line here: Portfolio | Twitter | Facebook

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Artist:: Nate Wragg

by Wendy

BirdWatchingExpert SweetTooth Wragg_Locals_Myth

I got a kick out of these monsters painted by Nate Wragg. He’s a dynamic illustrator that is featured in Gallery Nucleus and hangs out on the internet as a professor at CGMA. Check out his work: Nucleus | Blogspot

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Animator :: Justin Mezzell



By Wendy



Justin Mezzell animates. But he also illustrates.mezzell3

mezzell6 mezzell5 mezzell4 mezzell2 mezzell1



You Should check out his equally phenomenal portfolio as well as other sites: Pinterest | Tumblr | Twitter

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Sculpture and Canvas :: Shintaro Ohata

by Wendy


ohata_hoshizora-720x680 ohata_hoshizora2 ohata_loop Exif_JPEG_PICTURE ohata_rainbow


Shintaro Ohata’s work is instantly recognizable. Using dappled brushstrokes, he blends 2D and 3D work into one seamless piece. Ohata was born in Hiroshima in 1975

To see more, check out Yukari-Art

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Artist :: Tom Berry

by Wendy


tomberry1 tomberry2 tomberry3


I love how detailed these pieces by Tom Berry are, and I’m obsessed with their circular compositions. Be sure to hop over to his website; you can look at these up close over there. Berry lives in Bristol.

Tumblr | portfolio

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Artist :: FH Galland

by Wendy

tumblr_msoe4h4NwK1qaagyho1_500 tumblr_msoe7zLkBe1qaagyho1_500 tumblr_msoerbfr8t1qaagyho1_500


These watercolors are phenomenal; I love how delicate they are, and how much you can read into them as human figures, considering how abstracted they are.

FH Gallard’s Tumblr

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