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summer quiet times

Happy summer time, IF blog readers! It has been a little quiet around here lately. I guess we’ve all decided to be on the internet a little less and enjoying the summer sunshine a little more :) Which is a great thing.

Anyhow, here are a few of my flickr morsels for you in the meantime…

New paintings by Malota

It’s like I’m there by Justin Degarmo

High waisted pants by Lori Joy Smith

Coffee hot, tea cold by Frank-C

Work by Seonna Hong. See the entire gorgeous show right over here.


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Poketo on the cheap!

my pals at poketo are having a big spring cleaning. AND THAT MEANS BIG SAVINGS FOR YOU! (yes, i’m a car salesman too.) swing by their studio this saturday, may 10th, between 10 am and 5 pm to find some great deals on some great “art for your everyday.” read all the details here.

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Super Doodles

Braces by Paul Pope

you gotta read the story behind this doodle by paul pope.

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Project Runway for Superheroes

Iron Man by Daniel Krall

As though you needed another website telling you what to draw, Project Rooftop invites artists to re-imagine their favorite superheroes. The Iron Man redesign above was submitted by my friend, Daniel Krall, for the Project’s Iron Man: Invincible Upgrade contest.

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The Happy Birthday Portrait Party

Birthday card from Christine Castro

The Portrait Party is one year old today! To celebrate, everyone gets a birthday card and a few of you get presents!

Here are the details.

P.s., The birthday illustration above was drawn by Christine Castro.

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Comickers, Think Small!


I draw comics for myself now and then. I print them and fold them into books because it’s fun. I give them to friends and, on very rare occasions, my homemade comics find their way into galleries, comic shops, and bookstores. When that happens, I wonder (sort of desparately) “Who reads mini-comics?” Well, I just found out: Shawn Hoke of Indy, Indiana.

Shawn loves mini-comics. His blog, Size Matters, is devoted to the subject. He reports on comics events like SPX and he reviews mini-comics with gentle scrutiny. This is a man who clearly enjoys the simplest things in life. So, if you want to make his day, pack up your most personal, most oddly drawn stories and send them to Shawn asap.

He’ll enjoy them more than your grandparents will.

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Self Portrait by Rama Hughes

There are only ten days left to share your SELF-portraits at The Portrait Party. I’ve already posted some great ones by Michael Wertz, Danny Gregory, Norman Rockwell, and many more. (But this ugly mug above is mine.)

If you’re anxious to share your portrait SWAPS on the other hand, you only have ten more days to wait.

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Jim Rugg Kicked my Butt.

The Bride by Jim Rugg

My friend, Miguel, collects drawings of The Bride (Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill). I added a page to the series a few years ago and I feel vaguely competitive now whenever he gets excited about a new piece. This weekend, he showed me this contribution by Jim Rugg. I was blown away. I promptly asked for another shot at Miguel’s Bride sketchbook AND I looked Jim up as soon as I got home. His blog is dynamite. No wonder I was blown away! (Hyuk hyuk!)

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cornelia odonovan


Happy valentines to you! A plate by Cornelia Odonovan to celebrate. Her work is lovely and expressive: website - flickr - blog 

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