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beards beards

I’m surfin’ around illustration websites and noticing an awful lot of beards these days!  Pencil Robot has some great editorial and children’s illustration, found via Scamp.

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The SELF-Portrait Party

Self Portrait by Penelope Dullaghan

whitney houstin said it best: “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”

so, in honor of valentine’s day, the Portrait Party will celebrate the greatest love of all with an entire month of self-portrait parties. draw yourself. share the results. self-portraits will be posted until midnight on february 29th.

(feel free to share your portrait swaps also. i will resume posting them in march.)

our very own, penelope “d-bomb” dullaghan, got us started with the gorgeous self-portrait above.

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Can I Draw You, Kerstin?

Kerstin Klein by various artists

kerstin klein (portrayed above by several of her portrait partners) is the winner of the portrait party scavenger hunt. kerstin was the runner-up in the first portrait party contest but, with an actual factual portrait party, she sniped the scavenger hunt from jennifer m. lee. visit the december archive to see what i mean.

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Lesley Withrow


I like the fun, fun work of illustrator Lesley Withrow! From patterns to greeting cards to children’s illustration she really has some amazing stuff. Do yourself a favor and poke around her blog.

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Many Haw-Haw’s

Cornfused by S. Britt

s. britt gots himself a blog.

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A Portrait Party Scavenger Hunt

Sketches by Rama Hughes

the first portrait party contest went so well. i’m excited to offer another one.

i will trade portraits with whoever wins the following portrait party scavenger hunt.

contestants must complete a portrait swap with the following subjects:

a parent
a child
a sibling
a significant other
an old friend
a peer
a teacher
a hero
a stranger
an enemy

click HERE for the details.

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The Principles of Maira Kalman

Blog Illustration by Maira Kalman

The New York Times offers this video of Maira Kalman discussing her column turned book turned opera.

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daniel krall makes me hungry

Whereâ??s the Beast by Daniel Krall

my friend, daniel krall, is doing posting a lot of fun stuff on his blog. this drawing, for example, is his take on the fast food princess, wendy.

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Las tardes de lunes…

Las Tardes de Domingo de David Rubin

my entire afternoon was consumed by David Rubin‘s blog. it’s a great place to flex one’s spanish reading skills* but the artwork speaks a universal language… well, my universal language anyway.

Spidey by David Rubin

* if you don’t habla the español, babelfish can help.

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oakley family portraits

A Family Portrait by Julie Oakley

i found a new kindred spirit and art hero this weekend. julie oakley‘s drawings of her family and their life together struck a cord in me. in ten years, i hope my sketchbooks look just like hers.

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