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This Justin

erica by justin taylor

do you like portraits? really beautifully painted portraits? check out the portfolio and blog of justin taylor!

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The James Jean Special

fables sketch by james jean

my brother and sister celebrate a phenomenon that they call “the tuna fish special.” you have experienced it, i’m sure, when you talk about a movie and, soon afterwards, it airs on tv. they named it the tuna fish special because, once you utter that phrase, you will begin to see it everywhere. on menus. at restaurants. maybe on the internet. when they see the thing they’ve talked about, my brother and sister exclaim “tuna fish special!” the way the rest of us might say “punch bug!” or “deja vu!”

i am enjoying a James Jean special this month. last month, i didn’t know who he was. a friend at the comic book store said “you don’t know james jean?” no. maybe, i know his work. “he does all the covers for Fables?” no. i guess i don’t.

like a proper tuna fish special though, the universe is now flaunting james jean at every corner. a few days after i heard of him, i found an article about him in a zine i like. a week after that, i saw Fables for the first time. then Process Recess 2, his new book. then Drawn wrote about him. now, i’m reading his blog.

p.s., i chose this jame jean image OF COURSE as a belated birthday card to penelope. happy d-day, p-lope!

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Mona Lisa Meme

Mona Lisa by Adam Koford

I resisted the urge to plagiarize Drawn when Matt Forsythe wrote about Nickelodeon’s wonderful Mona Lisa “Riffs.” Now that it’s becoming a phenomenon though, I feel no shame whatsoever.

Check out the Mona Lisa meme exploding on Drawn right this minute! You can submit your own version of Da Vinci’s masterpiece and browse contributions from other artists. The drawing above is by the blog’s own Adam Koford.

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Can I Draw You, Jeannette?

jeannette langmead by various artists

jeannette langmead (portrayed above by several of her portrait partners) won the first ever portrait party contest. i was blown away by how aggressively she competed! she sent new drawings almost every weekday and even made a movie of her work in progress. visit the august archive to see what i mean.

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Michael Cho, Go-To Guy

claudia by michael cho

i found michael cho through his contribution to Project: Romantic. his comic was fun and beautifully drawn but i am even more impressed by haunting drawings of his neighborhood that he posted on his blog.

back alley by michael cho

p.s., for those of you who love Iron Man, michael has a challenge for you.

iron man by michael cho

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boygirlparty at giant robot

susie 1

susie 2

Susie Ghahremani (Boygirlparty) has a great new show in NYC that I wish I could peek at. If you live in New York please check it out for me! I have always loved her work and admire her ability to paint charming little paintings.

Teacher’s Pets
August 18 – September 12, 2007
Giant Robot
437 E. 9th Street

(if you go to the giant robot website above you can see an image of Susie’s show hung. It is very impressive to see the little paintings all together)

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Alberto Ceriteno

alberto 1

Alberto Ceriteno is swell swell swell.

I love his work, it made me laugh on a stressful day :)

His website, blog and flickr.

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Aaron & Craig

Aaron Renier by Craig Thompson

cartoonists, aaron renier (portrayed above) and craig thompson (creator of the portrait above), both have blogs on their websites now. also, they contributed these portraits to the portrait party! craig is the puppy in aaron’s drawing below.

Panels from Spiral-Bound by Aaron Renier

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Without further ado

Carson Ellis

Carson Ellis, ladies and gentlemen!

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The Crosshatch Dispatch

Meet the Author by Joe Matt
Don’t cry, Joe Matt. “The Daily Cross Hatch was created with the intention of spotlighting the absurd amount of talent currently toiling away in the world of alternative comics, and bringing into focus some of those artists attempting to break into this largely thankless field.”

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