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Watercolor painting with Salt


Want to make beautiful stars in your night sky painting or add a special sparkle to your painting of a dress?  It is so easy with these three materials:

- Water
- Watercolor paints
- Table salt

First make a painting of your choice – using deep dark colors for night skies or vivid colors for other subject matter. This process works for any sort of painting, even abstract.

While the painting is still very wet, add a sprinkle or pinch of salt to the wet paint.


Let the painting dry throughly. Then rub off the salt with your fingers!


The background of this collage is an example of a watercolor/salt painting. The salt pushes the pigment away from the paper and adds a beautiful visual texture. Now go try your own!

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Children’s Illustrator :: Mikela Prevost

Children's Illustrator :: Mikela Prevost

Children's Illustrator :: Mikela Prevost

Children's Illustrator :: Mikela Prevost

Mikela Prevost is an illustrator that gravitates toward that most interesting subject of all. Us. People. Be careful what you do in front of her, because she is discretely sketching it in her sketchbook where you will later find it translated into her latest illustration.

Mikela received her B.A. in Painting and Drawing from the University of Redlands and later went on to receive her M.F.A. in Illustration from Cal State Fullerton. While working on her degree, Mikela found the time to get married, and together they are raising their three very curious kids.

Find more of Prevost’s work on her website.

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Children’s Illustrator :: Amy Husband

Children's Illustrator :: Amy Husband << Illustration FridayChildren's Illustrator :: Amy Husband << Illustration Friday Children's Illustrator :: Amy Husband << Illustration Friday

Amy Husband has a passion for children’s picture books and set her heart on a career as an illustrator. She graduated from Liverpool School of Art in 2006, and has since been lucky enough to have two picture books published: ‘Dear Miss’, and ‘Dear Santa’. Her first book ‘Dear Miss’ was voted the winner of the Cambridgeshire Children’s Picture Book Award 2010.

She now lives and works in a little cottage in the beautiful city of York UK.

View more of her work: Website | Children’s Portfolio


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Children’s Illustrator :: Constanze von Kitzing

Children's Illustrator :: Constanze von Kitzing << Illustration Friday Children's Illustrator :: Constanze von Kitzing << Illustration Friday Children's Illustrator :: Constanze von Kitzing << Illustration Friday Children's Illustrator :: Constanze von Kitzing << Illustration Friday

Constanze is an award-winning, German illustrator and author. She has a wide variety of clients in the illustration industry including publishing houses, magazines, newspapers and design companies.

I love her sweet scenes, bright colors and attention to detail!

View more of Constanze von Kitzing’s work on her website. (She has great editorial work there too.) And view more kids work on her Children’s Illustrators Portfolio.

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Children’s Illustrator :: Renata Liwska

Artist :: Renata Liwska << Illustration Friday

Artist :: Renata Liwska << Illustration Friday

Artist :: Renata Liwska << Illustration Friday

Artist :: Renata Liwska << Illustration Friday

The children’s artwork by Renata Liwska is as sweet as sugar. Her children’s books include The Quiet Book, The Loud Book!, and Little Panda.

See more of her lovely work on her website.

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IF Kids Project :: Marbleizing Paper with Shaving Cream

photo 25

Marbleizing paper is a wonderful spontaneous combustion of paint, fluffy foamy cream and printmaking. It’s easy and all ages will enjoy the process. The results are astounding. The paper can be used for so many things: cards, gift tags, artwork, book arts, collage, backgrounds to ink drawings – the possibilities are endless! Here’s all you need to get started:

- Foamy shaving cream
- Liquid acrylics or watered down liquid acrylics
- Paintbrushes
- Cardboard
- Tray or pan to hold the shaving cream
- Hair pick or pencil for swirling paint
- Cardstock to print on

Let’s get started!

Step 1: fill a tray with shaving cream. Smooth it out with the cardboard. Apply your paints with a soft brush in the fashion you desire. There is no wrong way to do this! Drip or drop, make rainbows, or shapes.

photo 27

Step 2: Place your cardstock face down on the paint and smooth the back of the paper with your hands to make the paint stick to the paper. Don’t worry about the shaving cream! It comes off next…

photo 28

Step 3: Pull off your print and wait for a full minute. It’s hard to wait … I know!

photo 29

Step 4: Take a small piece of cardboard or credit card or squeegee if you have one and “shave off” the cream from the paper. Prepare to be amazed!

photo 33

Enjoy the fun results!

If you would like to post your photos of your scribbles, we would love to see them! Head over to the IF Kids Facebook page or the Art Labs Kids Facebook page to share them!

:: This post is brought you by Illustration Friday Contributor Susan Schwake. Susan is co-owner and curator of Artstream LLC and though the gallery runs an independent art school serving people of all ages and abilities. She is also the author of Art Lab for Kids: 52 projects in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper and Mixed Media by Quarry Books.

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Children’s Illustrators Interview with Lee Wade

Lee Wade founded her own publishing company, Schwartz & Wade Books, one of Random House Children’s Books’ family of imprints. just posted a great interview with her! Here’s a snippet:

Can you tell us about your professional background including how you came to found your own publishing company, Schwartz and Wade Books.

I was an English major at Skidmore College but I always admired the art majors so when I graduated and was offered the position of assistant to the Art Director/Adult Trade Publishing at St. Martin’s press, I jumped on it. I spent 4 years at St. Martin’s designing book jackets and then became the Art Director at MacMillian Publishing. I spent the next 10 years running adult trade art departments and taking on more responsibility and overseeing more and more people. I always liked my jobs.

Find out more about her company and read her thoughts on building your children’s portfolio in this super interview at!

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Children’s Illustrator :: Teresa Jenellen

I can’t find a bit of information about children’s illustrator Teresa Jenellen. But I found her work on and was wowed. It’s so different from most children’s work. Very striking! If you have info about her, please leave a comment!

See more: Children’s Portfolio

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Book Review :: “Sylvester and the New Year”

Just in time for Christmas this year, Far Far Away Books has come out with a beautiful book that’s actually not about Christmas at all. “Sylvester and the New Year” is a modern incarnation of what’s apparently a classic story, but one I’d never heard before:  The tale of Sylvester, a white-bearded, sleigh-driving figure who does *not* deliver presents to all the children of the world, but rather brings us the New Year, in the form of a cheerful child.

German poet Eduard Mörike is to thank for the original tale, dating back more than a century, and indeed the book has the timeless feel of a modern classic. Emmeline Pidgen’s evocative, enchanting artwork seems the perfect complement to this peace-filled, sparely told story.

Also particularly charming is the printing — it’s a little art-director-nerdy of me to point out, but you can’t help noticing the pleasing feel of the paper and the glittering foil stamping on the cover. It’s even sized just right for reading together with a little one, laying perfectly across a lap.

The only problem is that if you want to give this to a special child in your life this Christmas, you’ll need to act quickly — especially if you’re on this side of the Atlantic. The publisher is in the UK, so your copy will have to cross the pond in time for your celebration.

Like the New Year, though, it’ll be worth the wait.

See more and order your copy here.


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Artist :: Aurelia Fronty

Aurelia Fronty has always drawn, surrounded by colors and fabrics of family life. After graduating, she joined the School of Applied Arts Duperré in Paris. There she specialized in textile design and creation. Her work is so beautiful. I love the rich colors and unique compositions.

See more: Website | Blog

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