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Koosje Koene – Online Drawing Course

What is it?
In this interactive, instructor-led, online drawing course, you will learn new drawing techniques, develop your skills and increase creative confidence.

Who can join?
‘Let’s Draw!’ is designed for curious people who have a passion for drawing, for both beginners and the more skilled, who are interested in exploring and expanding their creative boundaries and who want to enjoy drawing even more. 

When is it?
The course will take place from October 1 to November 10 2012, with weekly instructions, step-by-step video- and photo-tutorials and assignments with guaranteed feedback.

step-by-step tutorials

In addition to all this, we’ll build an online community with all the participants, through a private Facebook group and a Flickr group. This way we can easily share experiences, compare results and help each other develop skills.

What do you need?
All you need is a couple of simple materials (bring your own): pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, paper and a set of basic colour pencils. It’ll be fun, and you can be part of it!

How to join
Visit Koosje’s blog to register for the course.

About the teacher
Koosje Koene is an illustrator with a background in photography and graphic design. She loves drawing and does it every day. By this course, she will share many of the techniques she uses, offering a lot of tips, extras and bonuses to add even more fun.

* * * *

Looks like a great course to further your drawing skills!

Sign up here.

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Playful Printmaking at Teahouse Art Studio

Coming on September 8th and 9th in Berkeley, CA, Susan Schwake, artist, instructor, and author of  Art Lab for Kids, will be teaching a two day workshop in Playful Printmaking at the Teahouse Studio.

Printmaking with a gelatin plate is one of the most painterly, engaging media around. The results are beautiful and repeatable for both absolute beginners or seasoned artists. The workshop is filled with technique building, color play, experimental work and seriously joyous results.

The fun of printmaking is in the doing and this workshop will be about MAKING! Teahouse Studio is a welcoming, safe place for dreaming big right in beautiful Berekeley, CA. Sign up for the workshop and learn more about Teahouse Studio here. More insight into thisworkshop and the instructor can be found here.


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Art Lab for Kids: String printing

I was thrilled when IF asked me to share a lesson or two here with IF readers from my new book: Art Lab for Kids by Quarry Books. There are 52 “labs” inside the book with many more variations in each of the go further section. All of the lessons have been used over and over again with multi-aged groups that I have taught over the past 19 years. For this post I thought it would be fun to share a lesson that could be a blast to do outside (if it’s summer in your neck of the woods!) but of course you can do it inside as well. The materials are easy to gather and the whole experience could be enhanced with your favorite music! You can also get plenty of inspiration before starting by checking out Jackson Pollock’s large scale works. Ready? Okay! Let’s go!


- Liquid paint (tempera or acrylic) in three colors (or more!) of your choice
- Small containers for the paint
- Craft sticks
- Cotton string cut in lengths as long as your forearm – one for each color
- Heavy weight paper

Clear an area to work in and put down a few layers of newspaper or covering to protect the table.

1. Dip your string into the paint

2. Using a craft stick, immerse and coat the string with the paint (or fingers!)

3. Holding the string above your paper, let your arm drop and let the string go limp onto the paper

4. Continue with this motion until you are ready to change colors

5. Use one string per color to avoid mixing.

Go further and try these three ideas out:

- Fold the paper over the string and hold the paper with your hand wile you pull out the string.
- Drag the string around the paper in different directions.
- Fill the paper fully with one method, let dry and then use another method on top.

This is a great indoor/outdoor art experience for loosening up, making beautiful collage papers, a finished work or simply play! I hope that you try this out with a child (or not!) and if you are willing – share the results on Art Lab for Kids Facebook page!


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Google+ Mastery

Alex Mathers has put together a comprehensive guide for creatives and other freelancing heroes on how to use Google+ for winning projects and clients. The course becomes available on February 7th 2012.

Alex asked Philippines-based illustrator Dan Matutina to create the artwork for the course and to add some further depth to it. The results are sampled in the beautiful images below!

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