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Artists Within (Their Studios)

The Artist Within by Greg Preston
I’ve been eyeballing this book, The Artist Within, for several months. It is a collection of photographs of animators and comic book artists in their studios. I didn’t know if it would be ho-hum or super-awesome but I found a copy at the library yesterday. It is dynamite. Short biographies proceed each photograph and the pictures are so huge that you can explore the nooks and crannies of everyone’s workspace. Some of the studios are so big and beautiful that they made me sad. “Someday… someday…” I promised myself.

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Comickers, Think Small!


I draw comics for myself now and then. I print them and fold them into books because it’s fun. I give them to friends and, on very rare occasions, my homemade comics find their way into galleries, comic shops, and bookstores. When that happens, I wonder (sort of desparately) “Who reads mini-comics?” Well, I just found out: Shawn Hoke of Indy, Indiana.

Shawn loves mini-comics. His blog, Size Matters, is devoted to the subject. He reports on comics events like SPX and he reviews mini-comics with gentle scrutiny. This is a man who clearly enjoys the simplest things in life. So, if you want to make his day, pack up your most personal, most oddly drawn stories and send them to Shawn asap.

He’ll enjoy them more than your grandparents will.

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Jim Rugg Kicked my Butt.

The Bride by Jim Rugg

My friend, Miguel, collects drawings of The Bride (Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill). I added a page to the series a few years ago and I feel vaguely competitive now whenever he gets excited about a new piece. This weekend, he showed me this contribution by Jim Rugg. I was blown away. I promptly asked for another shot at Miguel’s Bride sketchbook AND I looked Jim up as soon as I got home. His blog is dynamite. No wonder I was blown away! (Hyuk hyuk!)

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Paper my walls with comics!

Fantagraphics Wallpaper

For those of us who like to beautify our computers and mobile contraptions, Fantagraphics has a selection of fancy wallpaper hidden in the attic of their gussied-up new website. Check’m out!

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“I clearly miscalculated how popular it would be to show Calvin urinating on a Ford logo.”

Wattersonâ??s Process by Bill Watterson

I spent the winter holiday at my parents’ house. While there, I rediscovered my collection of beat-up Calvin & Hobbes comics. Man! They are even better than I remembered them! It left me wondering what Bill Watterson is doing now. What does his fine art work look like? Is he drawing comics still… for himself or friends maybe? It’s a mystery that compelled me enough to scour the internet. While I didn’t figure anything out, I did find a lot of great stuff including this collection of rare artwork and relatively recent interview. Not to mention the Calvin & Hobbes collections that I picked up from the library.

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so you didn’t meet stan lee…

Marvel Then And Now Logo
if you missed stan lee the other night, you can still take some of the fun home with you and contribute to the good cause that the evening was meant to support. way back in 2006, stan lee and the current editor-in-chief of marvel comics, joe quesada, met with director kevin smith and hundreds of fans to discuss the past and future of their comics. the evening, titled Marvel Then and Now, was recorded and has since been collected on dvd. the profits of the evening and the dvd benefit the hero initiative, a non-profit organization devoted to helping comics veterans in need.

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The War on Christmas Comics!

X-Mas 3 cover by Jesse Lockwood

My pals at Kindercore are celebrating the holidays with a comic book. Music, their specialty, is included and 100% of the proceeds go to Oxfam. I contributed one of my Christmas memories to the effort.

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Kochalka Quality 2.0

Monster Attack by Eli Kochalka

James Kochalka’s website, American Elf, was recently redesigned. The archives are now FREE! As is Monster Attack, a comic by Eli Kochalka (seen here with one of his drawings).

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Megalomaniacal Spider-Man

Spider-Man by Peter Bagge

More Marvel comics by unexpected artists! Peter Bagge tackled Spider-Man in 2002. In his version of the story, Peter Parker gives up superheroism when he discovers that his mentor, Uncle Ben, was killed because of gambling debts.

Peter Baggeâ??s Spider-Man page 2

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Tomine in NYC

Adrian Tomine GR Invitation

click the invite for a larger view.

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